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Jill Holtz

January 11, 2017

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Have you been struggling to find a particular item for your child or wondering how to go about doing something for the family or need some ideas for things to do? We can help! Ask Mykidstime and we’ll do our best to find an answer for you.

So we had this crazy idea.

Michelle, one of the co-founders of Mykidstime, always gets asked by friends and family for help with finding out things or sourcing stuff or for ideas. She’s a bit of a whizz obviously at this, so if you’ve something that you’ve been struggling to find out about or source or get to grips with now’s your chance.

Ask Michelle your question and she will answer the questions every Thursday on a live video on our Facebook page.

Few things to note

  • Michelle is not an expert so if you have medical or health or those types of questions, this is not the place to get an answer. If it’s more pertinent to put you in touch with an expert, we will do our best to do so.
  • If you prefer that your name is not mentioned during the answer, then put a note on the question to that effect and she will just refer to you as “a parent”
  • Michelle reserves the right to choose the questions to answer to her best ability, so don’t be disappointed if your question is not answered straight away but she will do her best to cover all the questions

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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About the Author: Jill Holtz

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Jill is one of the co-founders of Mykidstime and a mum of 2 girls

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