Baby Resources in Cork


Baby Resources in Cork

Caring for your baby can leave you feeling overwhelmed and drained at times. If you are a new parent here are some ideas for getting out and about with baby. Finding baby-focused activities is a great way to get out and to meet other mums and babies in a supportive and friendly environment.

Join a Parent and Baby/Toddler Group. There are groups in most towns in Cork so you can be sure there is one near you. Most groups meet weekly and they can be an invaluable source of information and a great way to meet other parents. If you have an older baby/toddler its a great way to let them socialise too.

There are a growing number of Classes for Babies and Toddlers throughout Cork. These include introducing baby to music and movement, baby massage and yoga.


Bring baby Swimming. The majority of swimming pools and leisure centres in Cork have dedicated times for parent and infant/toddler swims. Although it may be nerve-wrecking the first time, you will both really enjoy it.

Get out for a Walk with baby. There are lots of lovely nature walks around the county and you will feel great after some fresh air and exercise. Its the perfect activity if you have older children so you can all get out of the house together.

Do keep an eye out for Events for new parents around Cork.

Check out our other articles on Family Friendly Eateries and Places to Change Baby around Cork, always good to know when out and about with baby!

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