Baby Resources in Dublin North County


There are many ‘Baby resources’ in Dublin North County so  I thought we should list some of them to help all Mums and Dads out there!

Parent and Baby/Toddler Groups. Most groups meet weekly. Parent and Baby groups can be an invaluable source of information, a great way to meet other parents and chat about the ups and downs of life with a baby. Its great to be able to talk to other people in the same situation as you because no matter how great your friends are, unless they have a baby themselves, they just aren’t all that interested in how baby sleeps or when to wean! Check out our Parent and Baby/Toddler Group listings for more information.

There are a growing number of classes throughout Dublin North County for parents and babies, including introducing to baby to music and movement, baby massage and yoga, search our baby and toddler classes for further information.

Baby Shops & Supplies: Plenty of shops in Dublin North County to help you purchase your cot or buggy for the new arrival.  Have a look at the list here.

Childcare: Thinking of going back to work can be a daunting experience as you are faced with having to find the best possible childcare for your child, from au-pairs services to creches, we have childcare covered.

Medical facilities: Children fall ill from time to time at night or weekends, always good to know where there is a pharmacy or medical centre near you who may be open at these times.

Other Useful Information: Have a look at our Places to change baby and Things to do with baby articles also!

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