Baby Resources in Wexford




Baby Resources in Wexford

all your needs for new parents and parents with toddlers

cot The Irish Multiple Births Association.  Providing support from parents of multiples to parents of multiples.

cotTwins, triplets or more (TTM) Association –  Meet in Leisure Max, Wexford every month!

cotBreastfeeding clubs – Click here to find your nearest La Leche League Breasfeeding Support Group

cotOther useful websites for breastfeeding

cotPlaces to change Baby in Wexford Town

cotMuch of what applies for Pre-schoolers can also be useful for babies.  I have complied an article on What to do with Pre-schoolers in Wexford so check it out and see for yourself!

cotParent Toddler Groups in Wexford

cotMeningitus Trust –  24 Hour Helpline (1800 523 196)

cotParenting Network – Enniscorty

cotCuidiú – Irish Childbirth Trust– Wexford Town

Best wishes to all new parents, it is such a wonderful time.  Enjoy it while it lasts!!




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