Best Excuses to Get Out of Work from Kids

Jill Holtz

March 4, 2014

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What’s the best excuses to get out of work that your child has come up with when they didn’t want to do something? Mykidstime parents tell us their child’s best excuses!

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The Standard Excuses

“I don’t feel well”

“I didn’t hear you”!!

“Just because!”

It’s always “I can’t”

“Just wait mom I’ll do it just now” lol my little boy’s Favourite Saying

When I ask my boys to do something they both have the same excuse: “I’m too tired” and all they have been doing was watching tv. Still get that from them.

“I forgot”

I always get “I bet you didn’t have to do that when you were small”.

No excuse, she just says: “no, thanks.”

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Homework and School

“The teacher said to do the homework only if we feel like it! I don’t!”

When my son was 6 he wanted the day off school, his excuse? He had a sore eyelash lol, still makes me laugh!

When DS was 4 he told his teacher he would only trace the first letter on a sheet of handwriting. His excuse? “I did the first one neatly so why should I have to write a whole page of them?”

My daughter (3yrs) uses her teacher as the excuse. Ask her to pick up toys “Teacher said I don’t have to”. Telling her to eat “Teacher said I had enough.”

My son told his teacher he didn’t want to do his work cos he was worried about his mummy!! I was fine not even a cold lol x

When she was 5 yrs used to give excuse for not doing homewrk “mumma pencil is saying that it’s tired now”

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Their Bodies Just Can’t Manage

My 5 year old says, “Mom my brain is not in my head right now. I can’t do it”

“I can’t cause dust makes me Bless You”. (she was trying to say sneeze)

My son has a habit of saying his head hurts or his stomach hurts when he doesn’t want to do something.

My 4yr old tells me she can’t clean up after herself, because her back is “killing” her

“My legs are broken”

“My legs hurt”

“My hands are broken!”

“My two years old told me cleaning up her toys make her sneeze and sneezing hurts”

“Why can’t you do it, my legs are tired from P.E. (Physical Education)” and “My brain hurts from thinking all day” 5 year old boy

My daughter, 2 1/2 yrs, says “no, I busy pooping.”

My daughter says “I can’t, it makes my butt hurt.”

My then 3 year son said ‘I have a headache in my brain’ (he is 29 now) I should have said to ‘take a pill through your mouth’ lol

My four year old claims to have a fever and pushes out a very weak cough because he’s “sick”

My 3 year old says he’s so itchy that he needs to scratch that certain itchy spot on his body first – after that scratching .. he still replies: “what did you say Mommy?”

My 6 year old didn’t want to go to wrestling practice so he faked that he sprained his ankle. I asked how he did that and he said “cuz I think I have ear infection. My infection made me sprain my ankle.”

Because You’re the Mom

My 6year old says, “uhhh why do I have to do everything? I’m tired, i’ve been at school all day, you haven’t been sitting and writing at school all day you should do it mommy.”

My youngest (8) says “Mum you have to show me by example how to do this, you do it then next time I’ll do it.” Lol love how her lil brain works.

When I ask my 4 year old daughter to do something her new excuse is “why should I do all the work you’re the mum”

Cleaning Their Rooms

“Why do I have to clean my room? Is anyone coming over? — AND get ready for church? Why??? answered with Who died? Or who is getting married that we have to go to church mooommmm!!!”

My fifteen year old son liked to say, “why make the bed when you’re gonna get right back in there”. I told him the same reason you wash a glass after using it, you wanna keep it clean. He looks at me side ways!!!!!

“But, I’m tired” (8year old girl) when it comes to cleaning her room. Also “why do I have to do everything?” Lol

I asked my 7 year old to clean her room and put her laundry away.. She said “Mommy you always say Mommy’s can do more than one thing at a time right? Well I’m not a mommy yet…”

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“My feet don’t work”

“My legs are bored!”…….. Not wanting to walk any further, my then four year old son!

My four year old hates walking so she always says “my knees are so sore I think they might be sad will u carry them and hug them happy”!!! So cute!!!

“Why do I have to brush my teeth at night? My breath is still going to smell in the morning anyway!”

Being Naughty and Manners

My 2 year old has a tendency to lose her manners. I’d say “don’t forget your manners, say thank you” and her reply “I can’t I left them in the car”

My six year old says “why are you making me do anything, you hate me…” lol..

My just turned 3 year old daughter when asked to stop doing naughtiness she tells us she can’t stop and says she is having a naughty day! Lol

My son told me he couldn’t help clean up the house because he had too much electricity in him and everything he touched got shocked. ; )

My little three year old girl will tell me that she is “too shy” when she doesn’t want to do something. It makes me laugh because she is a social butterfly!


I have 3 kids and my 8 year old says “this is not fair I’m asked to do everything just because I’m the eldest why did you give birth to me first?” My 6 year old says “Why do I always have to do sonething already going to school is too much” My 3 year old says “NO!”

“You give me a lot to do, and my sister is not doing anything.”

Sleeping & Bedtime

Can’t take a nap because “the sunshine is still awake”.

My son was two at the time and didn’t want to go to sleep. He called me to his room and said he didn’t want to go to sleep “cause there’s “punkins” (pumpkins) in my pillow…and punkins are daaangerous!” This excuse continued for a good ten minutes before I took his pillow from the crib and exorcized the bad pumpkins.

She was so “re-tired” she needed to take a nap.

My son aged 2 says “Mummy I’m not going to bed because I am awake Mummy”

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“I don’t want to eat my veg, cuz I don’t want to get bigger, so I can still wear my ‘shark’ (swim suit) to go swimming in the summer.”

If they can’t finish their meal, their tummy is “paining”. Lol!

My daughter has just turned 2, and we obviously tell her that she should eat her dinner because it’s really yummy. Lately she has decided that she has the best excuse for not eating her food.. “I can’t eat it mammy, it’s too nice!” Well what do you say to that?!

My daughter once told me (at 6 years old) that she couldn’t eat broccoli because it will make her stupid.

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Even More Inventive

My son was too tired at one point because there was “a baby in his tummy”.. I was pregnant myself at the time tho!!!!

6 year old “A ninja just stabbed me…and now I can’t do anything…except eat cookies…cause I’m dead”

“It’s cos I’m a Boy!” from my four year old.

My 2yr old always says she’s got her hands full

Last week I asked my 6 year old if he could do me a favor and get something off his top bunk for me. His response “I’ve done enough favors for one day already!” Lol

My 3 year old’s favorite excuse is “because I’m grumpy.”

She does the emotional blackmail she knows crying won’t work so she’ll say “I love you mum I’d rather hug you.. Can you give me a hug?” And then Mum=0 Amber=winning. She’s almost four and she’ll say “I won’t tell dad you scratched the car.”

My 8yr old will say, “Stab me in the heart” and she drops to the floor …

My 4 year old nephew couldn’t say sorry as “the police had come and taken all his sorries away”.

My daughter Emily was in the kitchen & when I asked her to pass something into me from the kitchen she shouted back “I can’t Mammy, I’m too busy talking to myself”

My 8 year old says “I’m having a break from that at the moment”!!!

My son says he’s not able when I ask why he says “I’m not fully grown so I’m not strong enough when I’m a man I’ll help”

And finally…

When she does finally do it, she tells me she deserves a medal or all the “work” she does around the house!

Has your child given a great excuse to get out of work? Share it with us in the comments below.


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