Booky Wooky – create your very own ‘Once Upon a Time’


Create and personalise your own baby board books with Booky Wooky and make your own Once Upon a Time. That’s right, 100% personalised we’re not just another ‘Add your Babies Name here’ type of book.

What is it?

Booky Wooky is a new Irish company, based in Dublin who let you create your own personalised baby board books in 3 simple steps. This short video gives an introduction to Booky Wooky.

Who is it for?

DSC_0188 (219x250)Booky Wooky is for anyone who loves the idea of creating their own baby board books. For your own kids, your nephews, nieces, friends kids or just a board book for yourself, why not! There are some great pre-designed themes to choose from such as ‘From Bump to Baby’ / ‘The Arrival’ / ‘ My Favourite Things’ and they also offer a blank canvas for those who like to get really creative.

Why is it different?

DSC_0201 (250x167)The difference with Booky Wooky is you’re the artist, photographer, author & editor-in-chief. You just upload your photos, you add your text, you choose the background colours, you select your preferred frames & clipart. It’s all there for you to pick from – and you 100% create and personalise your very own book, cover to cover.

Tell us in 5 words why to buy

  • Beautiful
  • Personal
  • Memories
  • Photos
  • Board Book

Here are some reviews that Booky Wooky received recently:

‘The postman has delivered my parcel from Booky Wooky. Wow, I am impressed. I would highly recommend this company for your baby photo books, an ideal gift for any child. The quality is fantastic. Along with the book being good and strong for toddlers, no fear of being able to tear the pages out!’

‘A slick process that’s both easy and fun to use. The application truly is very intuitive and the SAVE feature is a godsend. Overall I’m very happy with the preview of my book and look forward to seeing it in my hands.’

Have you used Booky Wooky or got your own Booky Wooky at home? We would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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