Chocolate+Legos=Chocolate Legos!

chocolate lego

We think Japanese designer Akihiro Mizuuchi has come up with the ultimate Lego: Chocolate Legos!

How about this for a great idea, lego made from chocolate! Designer Mizuuchi created moulds that turned melted chocolate into edible bricks.

The idea started with a Valentine’s Day tradition amongst Mizuuchi’s friends to re-create characters from popular Japanese anime programmes and make them out of chocolate.


He designed each character in Lego bricks on his computer. Blocks were made in dark, milk, strawberry and white chocolate and Mizuuchi also experimented with colours to produce green and blue pieces.

chocolatelego2 chocolatelego3 chocolatelego1

The best thing about them, in our opinion, is that when your child has finished enjoying playing with their Lego pieces, Mum can help eat them!

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