Dan’s Fitness Series: Arm Workouts for Women

Arm workouts for women

Feeling fed up with your bingo wings? Fear not, as we have teamed up with Dan Sweeney Health and Fitness, to create a special series of videos for helping busy parents to get fit. This video focuses on the arms and shoulders, with his arm workouts for women!

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This collection of videos aims to provide a quick workout for parents who may not have a lot of time to themselves. Life can be hectic with kids around but with these workouts, you never have to miss a workout again!

We have picked the body areas most people struggle with and will show you just how you can focus on them with each workout. As with all workouts, your nutrition intake is very important to achieve progress.

Dan says “Whenever I am asked for tips on nutrition, I always return to the very same one. Eat real food! Stay clear of processed food as much as possible and focus on filling your fridge with fresh, nutritious, real food. Do this, get those workouts in and watch the progress follow.”

This video covers arm workouts for women. We have 4 exercises to get you sweating. Complete each exercise for 30 seconds before moving to the next. When you reach the end of the 4th exercise, return to the start and complete 3 more rounds for a total of 4 rounds. Enjoy!


Plank Ups

Place hands directly under your shoulders and raise to your feet. Keeping core area strong, come down onto your elbows one arm at a time and return back up by pressing your hands into the floor. Alternate arms each round.

Push Ups

In the same start position as plank ups, bend at the elbows and allow chest to reach the floor before pressing back up to start position. You can modify this exercise by dropping to the knees or by bring in a bench or chair. Ensure that core stays strong and controlled throughout the movement.

Tricep Dips

On a bench or chair, sit and place hands just outside your hips. From here, take your weight off the bench and bend elbows to bring bum toward the floor. Focus on pushing hands into the bench to return you to start position. This one burns!

Bear Crawls – Circular Motion

Starting in a plank position, move feet toward your chest to allow your knees rest beneath your hips. From here, move in a circular motion by moving opposite hand and opposite foot each step. Focus on keeping core as strong as possible throughout.

Get a sweat going guys and let us know how you get on!

Dan Sweeney is a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist on a mission to improve the health of others and to make living a healthy life that bit easier. Find Dan on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on Snapchat @dansweeneypt.

Over to you now. Did you try out our arm workouts for women? Tell us how you got on in the comments below!