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EVB Sports Shorts for women are designed specifically to help women exercise safely by supporting and stabilising the Pelvic Floor Muscles. Irish Mum of 3, Yvonne Brady, who created EVB Sports Shorts tells us all about them:

EVB Sport ShorsWhat Are They?

Have you ever wondered if your body was ever going to get back to the way it was before you had kids?  If so, you’re not alone…

Most women, from professional athletes to ordinary Mums find that after giving birth, they simply need more support in places they never did before.  Your body has been through a life-changing event and it may take some time before you are able to exercise in the same way you could before baby arrived.

That is why we developed EVB Sports Shorts for women.  You see, our revolutionary compression shorts are specifically designed to address the changing needs of every Mum whatever your sport or activity.  Rivaling all the top brands for style, comfort and performance, our shorts uniquely provide targeted support for the body’s core muscle groups, in particular, the pelvic floor muscles.

The aim of EVB Sports Shorts, designed and brought to market by Irish woman Yvonne Brady, is to help every woman to reach her full potential whatever her choice of exercise or level of fitness.

EVB SportWhy are they different?

Specifically placed compression panels in the shorts take the pressure off the Pelvic Floor and also support the related core muscle groups in the lower back and tummy areas.  These panels provide pelvic joint control and lower back support, improving posture during exercise.

The result is a product which looks great whilst also providing much needed support that helps strengthen and protect the whole core during exercise.  Just like a Sports Bra, they help keep everything held in and safely and securely.

Who are they for?

Our customers range from joggers to ultra marathon runners, pilates fans to PE teachers, horse-riders to international rugby players!  All report back to us saying they feel a re-newed confidence in their sport by wearing EVB Shorts and the vast majority of customers would not exercise without them.

evb sport exercisingWe have been contacted by women who are pregnant or have just had a baby and want to get back to fitness as safely as possible after giving birth.  We also have customers whose children are now older and have been unable or reluctant to exercise because they are aware of a weakening of their pelvic floor muscles.  Some customers come to us via their GP or Women’s Health Physiotherapist.

Generally speaking, most health care professionals would advise that women experiencing a weakened pelvic floor should avoid certain types of activity like running or horse-riding as they risk causing further damage to their bodies.  However, some of the leading Women’s Health Physiotherapists in Ireland are actually recommending EVB Shorts to patients and are seeing a healthy and safe return to exercise for those women.

Tell us in Five words why women should buy them?

“Essential Gear for Exercising Safely!”

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