Have Your Say on Law Reform Commission Cyberbullying Consultation

Jill Holtz

November 19, 2014

law reform commission cyberbullying

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Have you or any of your family been the subject of cyber-bullying or online harassment? Have your say on The Law Reform Commission Cyberbullying Consultation. The Commission is looking for public submissions on the issues of ‘Cyber-crime affecting personal safety, privacy and reputation including cyber-bullying’. 

law reform commission cyberbullyingSubmissions are invited from all interested parties on the Law Reform Commission’s Issues Paper on ‘Cyber-crime affecting personal safety, privacy and reputation including cyber-bullying’. In particular they are looking at

  1. Whether the harassment offence in section 10 of the Non-Fatal Offences Against the Person Act 1997 should be amended to incorporate a specific reference to cyber-harassment, including indirect cyber-harassment
  2. Whether there should be an offence that involves a single serious interference, through cyber technology, with another person’s privacy
  3. Whether current law on hate crime adequately addresses activity that uses cyber technology and social media
  4. Whether current penalties for offences which can apply to cyber-harassment and related behaviour are adequate
  5. The adequacy of civil law remedies to protect against cyber-harassment and to safeguard the right to privacy

Remember the Slane girl case? No charges were brought in that case.

Submissions, either verbal or written, are welcome at any stage. You can email your submission to the Commission at [email protected] or you may post your submission to :

Law Reform Commission,
IPC House,
35-39 Shelbourne Road,
Dublin 4.

Contributors are requested to make their submissions/comments, if possible, before close of business on Monday 19th January 2015.

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Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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