Family Firsts – Hilarious First Concert Memories


Family life is full of firsts and Vodafone want to help you create family firsts this summer. Whether it’s building your first fort of the summer or putting on an outdoor concert in the garden, we are going to help you and your family create those special family first experiences.

The music you listen to in your youth plays a massive part in shaping who you become as a person. Your music taste can define your fashion, your tribe and your social life. For most people, attending their first concert is a monumental moment in growing up. You have the chance to breathe the same air as your idols and experience the non-comparable rush of listening to live music for the first time!

These musical memories stay with you for life, and we’ve asked some of our readers to share their first concert memories with us. Prepare yourself for tales of sneaking in backstage, meeting idols and awkward sign making!

Sharon’s First Concert

My first concert was Michael Jackson’s History Tour when I was 12 years old with my Mam and Dad and brother in the RDS. I was a huge fan, but I couldn’t understand why everyone was crying and asked a girl if she was OK. However, later when she was up on her boyfriend’s shoulders, I was having none of it! I poked her and asked her to get down, my Mam and Dad were so shocked!

James’s First Concert

I’m showing my age here! When I was 13 my favourite band was Something Happens.  They were playing a show in the Tullamore Harriers which was a club venue and over 18’s.  I was refused entry, so I sat outside sulking. A car pulled up, and Something Happens got out.  I asked them for autographs, and they said, “Are you coming to the gig?” and I explained that I wasn’t allowed in. They said, “Come with us!”. One of their crew brought me in through backstage, onto the stage and down into the crowd. It was awesome!

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Eilis’s First Concert

My first concert was Boyzone. The tickets went on sale before Christmas and I wanted to go so badly! My Dad went in to queue for me (old school Ticketmaster days when you had to queue). He came home pretending they were sold out and I was so disappointed. Then on Christmas Day, to my delight, I got my ticket. I brought my two best friends, and we spent days making posters hoping they would see them. Of course, a parent had to come and supervise – my friends mum came and sat down beside us with earplugs for the entire concert!

Lucy’s First Concert

East 17 were in town playing The Point. The lead singer Brian Harvey had a problem with his back and visited my uncle who was an Osteopath. Brian gave my uncle free backstage tickets for my friends and me! I was a huge East 17 fan, and I called my friends off a pay phone backstage and made the band talk to them all!

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Edel’s First Concert

My first concert was Don McClean at The Savoy in Limerick. I went with school friends and we had front row seats. We sang our hearts out to all his songs and went absolutely crazy when he sang American Pie!

Over to you now. What band or singer did you go to see for your first concert? Please share details with us in the comments box below!

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