Hot Toys for Christmas 2014


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Yes, yes, we know that Christmas is still months away, but it helps to be prepared!. We take a look at the predictions for the Hot Toys for Christmas 2014 – the ‘Must Have’ list of toys that children will be desperate to get their hands on this Christmas

>>>>Hot Toys for CHRISTMAS 2015 – CLICK HERE TO READ<<<<

Don’t wait until the last minute to do your Christmas shopping! As the season approaches it becomes increasing difficult to find the toy you are after. This list will give you a heads-up on the most popular toys that are sure to be on every child’s list this year, and help you avoid the disappointment of finding it ‘sold out’ by leaving it too late. Note : All prices correct at time of print.

What are the Hot Christmas Toys for 2014?

My Friend Cayla

my friend kalya dollDescription

My Friend Cayla is the doll you can talk to like a real friend! Get to know her by asking questions about her family, favourite foods, hobbies, pets and more. Cayla can understand almost anything you say and she also loves to answer tricky questions about things like animals, countries and famous people. She can also play games, tell stories and talk about pictures in her photo albums

Why Buy

What little girl wouldn’t want a talking doll?! This is sure to be very popular this Christmas so don’t hang around.

Cost £59.95; Smyths €74.99/£59.99; Argos Irl €79.99, Argos UK £59.99; John Lewis £59.99;

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Argos’ Top Toys Prediction for 2014

Doh Vinci Style and Store Vanity design kit


dohvinci cabinetYour kids will want to keep their bedroom tidier when they make their own vanity storage unit. This customisable DohVinci Style & Store Vanity Kit, allows kids to design and decorate in 3D with the modelling compound, which then hardens overnight, and can be assembled to their design.

Individual components include vanity base, mirror, drawer, 2 piece flower attachment, and add-on pieces.

Why Buy

Sure to appeal to creative kids.

Cost £24.99; $19.99; Smyths €24.99/£19.99; Argos Irl €25.99, Argos UK £19.99; Walmart $19.99;

Kidizoom Smartwatch

vtech kiddizoom watchDescription

More than just a watch, VTech’s Kidizoom Smartwatch is the latest in mobile devices for younger kids (4+yrs). It lets kids take photos and videos, and they can play learning games, including games to help them learn the time. There are 50 digital and analog displays to choose from.

Why Buy

They are splash-proof which means can be worn for everyday play. Ideal for younger kids who are asking for their own mobile device.

Cost : Blue, Pink £30.34; $59.99; Smyths €49.99 /£39.99; Argos Irl €52.49 , Argos UK £39.99; Walmart $59.96; ToysRUs;

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Barbie Colour Change Bag


barbie colour change bagThe Barbie Colour Change Bag allows you to change the colour of the bag to match your outfit. Just hold the bag against whatever you want to match it to, press the heart-shaped button, and watch in amazement as the bag colour changes.

Why Buy

The bag matches over 100 colours and there are lots of cute accessories to clip on to bag too, so definitely will appeal to all those young fashionistas out there! And better yet, there’s a matching bag for your Barbie doll too!

Cost £20; Argos Irl €39.99, Argos UK £29.99; John Lewis £20;

Teksta T-Rex Robot Dinosaur


teksta t-rexTeksta T-Tex Robot Dinosaur reacts to your hand gesture commands; making him walk and sit, he also chews on his bone then spits it out followed by a burp! The Teksta T-Rex Robot Dinosaur is 5+ yrs, however children of all ages can easily control him with just their hands.

Why Buy

Last year the Teksta Puppy was a big hit with boys and girls alike, and sold our before Christmas. This year, the Teksta T-Rex  is tipped to be a hot toy, so if early indications suggest this may be on your kids list, get your hands on one quickly, as looks like they may sell out early.

Cost £59.50; $110; Smyths  €77.99 /£57.99; Argos Irl €79.99, Argos UK £59.99;

Leap TV


leaptvLeapTV is brand new this year and is an interactive, educational video gaming system. Kids are able to learn through motion as they jump, dance and more. With a simple interface and library of 100+ LeapFrog educator-approved game cartridges, game downloads and videos. Games adapt to each child’s level – starting with age, and then automatically adjusting the learning experience for just the right challenge.

Designed for kids ages 3 to 8, LeapTV uses a motion-sensing camera and controller that fits comfortably in small hands.

Why Buy

The LeapTV system gets kids into the action while teaching them core skills across reading, mathematics, science and problem solving. It will go on sale in October.

Cost $149.99; UK Pricing £119.99

Transformers Age of Extinction Chomp & Stomp Grimlock Figure


Transformers adventures just got a whole lot bigger! The Chomp and Stomp Grimlock figure is a giant, 20-inch robot with a mighty sword who’s ready to take on any enemy. He changes in 1 step to a dino with a terrible, chomping jaw and light-up eyes! Team him up with the included Optimus Prime mini-figure for maximum mayhem.

Power Battlers and One-Step Changes figures (sold separately) activate different lights, sounds and weapons, and his weapons pop out for battle! Suited for 5+ yrs.

Why Buy

It’s easy to change mode, and if your kids like Transformers, then they will love this. Better yet, you can turn sound on and off

Cost £89.91; $89.99; Smyths €114.99/£89.99; Argos Irl €53.49, Argos UK £39.99; Walmart $69.99;

BoomCo Rapid Madness Blaster

boomco blaster


The BOOMco. Rapid Madness Blaster is an air-powered blaster in Mattel’s new BOOMco. blaster line, so no batteries needed. This Blaster features BoomCo’s  Smart Stick system that lets you see exactly where you hit, as the tip of every dart sticks to all Smart Stick targets and blaster shields.

The Rapid Madness blaster fires 20 darts in seconds for ultimate firepower on the battlefield! It features push-button removable transforming shields with Smart Stick technology, so you can capture your opponent’s darts and use them yourself. Ages 6+ yrs.

Why Buy

The Smart Stick system lets you know exactly where you hit, and they are air-powered, so no batteries required.

Cost £40.00; $62.21; Smyths €64.99 /£49.99; Argos Irl €65.99, Argos UK £49.99; Walmart $49.99;

Ice Skating Anna & Elsa from Frozen


The dolls come in two types – Ice Skating Anna and Ice Skating Elsa – and each are clad in ‘unique ice skating fashion inspired by the film’.

As you push them across the floor their arms and legs moving in elegant ice-skating form. They are suited for 4+ yrs. All that’s left to decide is will it be Ice Skating Anna or Ice Skating Elsa, or both!

Why Buy

Frozen was such a big movie hit this year and associated merchandise has already been popular, so get your skates on, if Ice Skating Anna & Elsa are going to be on your child’s list, as they’re tipped to sell-out early.

Cost : Elsa, Anna £29.97; Anna & Elsa Bundle $71.72, Anna, Elsa $24.99;
Smyths Anna, Elsa €38.99/£29.99; ; Argos Irl Anna, Elsa €35.79, Argos UK Anna, Elsa £29.99; Walmart Anna, Elsa $24.97;

Xeno Interactive Monster


Have hours of fun with Xeno Interactive Monster, the cute, cuddly, friendliest monster around! It’s disgustingly adorable, which of course is what makes it so appealing to kids, as Xeno has pull out snot dripping from it’s nose, and can fart on command!

Xeno just loves to play and comes with lots of mini-games on his free app, to keep boredom at bay. Play along and Xeno will react with a huge range of movements and emotions. Xeno can also communicate with fellow monsters – just sit them together and they will start speaking to each other!

Suited for 5+ yrs, and available in a choice of colours.

Why Buy

Who wouldn’t want this adorable monster to join their family?! It’s expected to be a hot toy this Christmas, so don’t dally if this on your child’s wish-list.

Cost : Violet, Blue £75.69; Argos Violet, Blue, Orange Irl €106.49, Argos UK Violet, Blue, Orange £79.99;

VTech-InnoTab-MAX-blue-originalTablets for Kids 2014

Tablet computers continue to dominate top toys lists this year. With so many tablets on the market, parents face a tricky task in deciding what to buy. Price, durability and parental control are just some of the factors that need consideration.

With this in mind, we’ve put together our Top Tablets for Kids to help you choose.


Lego_Arctic_Base_CampIt’s no surprise that Lego would be on the list, as is always a hit with kids.

New this year is Lego City Arctic Base Camp, where builders can explore the secrets of the ice, complete with sled, huskies and a polar bear, and this is tipped to be a top toy this Christmas.

Also new for 2014 are the Lego Ultra Agents, with bad guy Inferno and the spies chasing him. If your child is a Chima fan, then there is plenty to enjoy with the new sets which see the lions and the eagles having to battle with long-extinct animals like mammoths and saber-toothed tigers. And of course, there are lots of new sets from Star Wars, and Lego Friends.

Now it’s just a matter of trying to get the kids to decide what goes on their list!

Cost (Lego City Arctic Base Camp) £49.99; $84.97 Smyths €64.99 /£49.99; Argos Irl €77.59 , Argos UK £69.99; Walmart $84.97;

Snow Queen Lottie

Lottie-Snow QueenDescription

Lottie is thrilled to receive a party invitation to the Masked Ball. Inspired by one of her favourite stories, Lottie decides to dress as a Snow Queen. Wearing a silver, sparkly mask and a magnificent ice blue and frosty white gown studded with silver snowflakes – will any of her friends recognise her?

Why Buy

The award-winning Lottie range of dolls are for girls ages 3-9yrs  – she doesn’t wear makeup, jewellery or high heels and she can stand on her own two feet (always a useful life skill for all girls, big and small). She’s all about letting girls be girls, doing all the activities a child would do, not growing up too quickly, and presenting a healthy view on body image.


€19.99 on Mykidstime Store

My Monopoly


Monopoly’s newest edition, My Monopoly, is a version of the traditional game that we have all come to know and love, but with the added bonus of being able to personalise your game.

This version includes blank tiles and stickers so you can make it your own.The free My Monopoly App lets you print out stickers, to personalise your tokens, properties, and even Chance and Community Chest cards! But you can play without customising, too.

Why Buy

Monopoly is always a great family game, and this version would also make a fun gift and keepsake.

Cost £21.99; $19.99; Smyths €28.99/£21.99; Argos Irl €29.49, Argos UK £21.99; Walmart $15.79

What is your little one asking Santa for this year? Let us know by leaving a comment below

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