Hot Toys for Christmas 2017 – Top Predictions

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Okay, okay, we know the sun is beating down outside, the kids are on school holidays and that Christmas is still months away. But word has it that Santa and his helpers are starting to get things ready up North which means before you know it, your little one will be writing their letter. Plus many of the large toy retailers have already released their lists of expected popular toys. So here are the Hot Toys for Christmas 2017 – Top Predictions – the ‘Must Have’ list of toys that children will be desperate to get their hands on this Christmas.

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Don’t wait until the last minute to do your Christmas shopping! As the season approaches it becomes increasingly difficult to find the toy you are after. This list will give you a heads-up on the hot toys of choice for Christmas 2017, that are sure to be on every child’s list this year, and help you avoid the disappointment of finding it ‘sold out’ by leaving it too late.

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JoJo Siwa Singing Doll

jojo siwa singing doll hot toys for Christmas 2017

Singer of the hit song Boomerang, JoJo Siwa has been transformed into a doll and is top of the Christmas list for many kids this 2017.


The singing JoJo doll is a good likeness to the young singer. The doll sings her popular hit Boomerang which has had over 220 million views on YouTube and can be posed with moveable arms and legs. She comes complete with her signature oversize bow, a hairbrush and microphone.

Why Buy?

Jo Jo resonates with kids everywhere. She has her own unique style and her song Boomerang is all about empowering young girls to be themselves and not follow the crowd. And stand up to bullies. This doll is sure to fly off shelves, so my advice would be to buy it if you can find it!

Lego Friends Sunshine Catamaran

hot toys for christmas 2017 Lego Friends Sunshine Catamaran

Lego Friends products have been top of toy wish lists for many children over the last few years. And 2017 is no different, with top toy retailers putting the Lego Friends Sunshine Catamaran as one of the hot toys for Christmas 2017.


The Sunshine Catamaran is set over 3 levels and is ideal for a luxury cruise for your Lego Friends. And they can meet new friends, Olivia, Liam and Stephanie who are included with the set and 2 friendly dolphins Sapphire and Sheen, also included. Other accessories included in the set are; a water scooter, banana boat, smartphone, mp3 player, life rings, flippers, camera and bags of goodies for all you need on your sailing trip.

Why Buy?

An improvement on the Dolphin Cruise set, with more space for your Lego Friends characters and will provide hours of fun bot in building it and playing with it.


hot toys for christmas 2017 Luvabella doll

Image from Argos

Dolls are also popular with kids of all ages and this Christmas toy retailers are united in their belief that demand will be high for the robotic, interactive LuvaBella doll from Spin Master, the company that brought Hatchimals.


At time of going to press the LuvaBella doll by Spin Master has not yet been released but prototypes were at toy fairs earlier in the year. The lifelike LuvaBella doll can interact with your child through hidden sensors, tickle her feet or tummy and she will laugh, she can cry, make sounds, suck a bottle or pacificer and over time will learn how your child plays with her to improve those interactions.

Why Buy?

Although robotic and responsive, the LuvaBella doll will not be linked to an app or have wi-fi connections so there is no data being recorded or your childs’ play is not being monitored in any way.

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Thumb Chucks from Zing

Could these be the next Fidget Spinners?


Thumb Chucks are portable, light up skill toys that can be used to do tricks and can be adapted to suit your own personal style by mixing the colours. They are widely available from toy retails worldwide and are predicted be a hot toy for Christmas 2017.

Why Buy

One word – addictive! They are relatively inexpensive, will provide hours of fun and learning and Zing have released a mobile app featuring tutorials on tricks and special effects ideas to enhance play. A great stocking filler.

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Lego Boost

Hot Toys for Christmas 2017 Lego Boost Vinnie the Robot

Lego Boost launches worldwide in August 2017 and is already on the hot toys for Christmas 2017 prediction lists of many large toy retailers.


The initial set allows you to build 5 multi-functional models: Vernie the Robot, Frankie the Cat, AutoBuilder, M.T.R.4 (Multi-Tooled Rover 4) and Guitar4000.  You will be able to build and code each model, using the Lego Boost Creative Toolbox free app and it comes with an interactive playmat and Lego Boost wall poster.

Why Buy?

Simple coding for kids, alongside more traditional lego building will keep them entertained for hours on end. Do check before you buy that you have a device suitable to download the app as you will need this for instructions on building each model.

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Tiny Treasure Twins

hot toys for christmas 2017 chad valley twins image from argos

Image from Argos

The prediction is that twin dolls will be on the hot toys list for Christmas 2017 in many households. And these cuties from Chad Valley are an addition to the popular Tiny Treasures Newborn range.


Lifelike twin dolls, a boy and a girl, come with birth certificates, hospital tags and cute baby outfits. They move and feel like newborn babies.

Why Buy?

Twins are bang on trend with the birth of twins from some high profile celebrities in 2017 including Beyonce & Jay Z and Amal & George Clooney.

Meccano M.A.X.

hot toys for christmas 2017 Meccano MAX image from Smyths Toys

Image from Smyths Toys

The new Meccano M.A.X. (Meccano Advanced Xfactor) Robot is due in stores around the world in August 2017.


M.A.X. is an advanced Robot combining both customisable programming and artificial intelligence. It can navigate around obstacles using infrared technology and stands at 30cm tall when built. M.A.X. can be controlled using voice commands on the MeccaBrain or you can download the free app. It has built in gaming platforms and other fun functionality.

Why Buy?

A great toy to challenge young minds and increase their interest in S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering and maths)

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Disney’s Cars 3 Lightning McQueen & Jackson Storm

With the release of Cars 3 in cinemas, the new Lightning McQueen car will be a popular choice for many children and for a real live battle, get the Jackson Storm model too.


There will be many models of the new look Lightning McQueen car but the one predicted to be top of the hot toys list for Christmas 2017 is the remote control version. It will be available from all top toy retailers worldwide and can be raced again McQueen’s new rival, Jackson Storm, also available in remote control form.

Why Buy?

Fully functioning with the capability to go right, left, forwards and backwards and has a cool turbo function for an extra power boost.

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles

Following on from the success of Hatchimals, Spin Master has launched Hatchimals CollEGGtibles, a miniature version of the original toy.


Each hatchimal colleggtible will need to be nurtured in order to hatch from their shell. There will be 70 different options to choose from. They will be colour coded as families to make swopping them with friends easy if you already have all the hatchimals in one family.

Why Buy?

They can be bought in packets of 1, 2 or 4 and will be great stocking stuffers for this Christmas 2017.

X Shot Bubble Balls

Extreme action fun guaranteed with the X Shot Bubble Balls from Zuru Toys.


Inflate the balls and challenge your friends to games of rolling and crashing all from the safety of your ball.

Why Buy

Great back garden fun for kids! Gets kids moving, playing and having extreme fun!

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SoundMoovz are new wearable technology that are motion activated, putting you in charge of the tunes!


The SoundMoovz Musical Bandz work in conjunction with the free SoundMoovz app and when you move your wrist or ankle with a band attached you can create tunes from the 400 pre-set sounds including music, rhythms, beats, electronic sounds and more. As the device is powered by Bluetooth, you can also connect to a speaker, letting everyone around you hear the tunes you create.

Why Buy?

Great for kids and teens interested in both music and dance. Combine their passions to create one great sound.


Transformers: The Last Knight Remote Control Sqweeks

Another movie toy predicted to be top of Christmas wish lists is The Last Knight remote control Sqweeks.


The latest autobot to win the hearts of Transformers fans is Sqweeks. With this remote control version, you can set him into robot mode, blaster mode and prepare for battle or switch him into dance mode and have some fun. All modes feature changing eye lights, sounds, phrases.

Why Buy?

A must for all Transformers fans. Great for hand eye co-ordination.

PAW Patrol Sea Patroller

hot toys for Christmas 2017 PAW Patrol Sea Patroller

The latest toy from the the PAW Patrol family is sure to be a hit with the younger generation this Christmas 2017.


The PAW Patrol Sea Patrollers’ clever design enables it to be used over any terrain as it transforms from a boat into a land vehicle in one easy move. Take the pups on a rescue mission or an adventure and use the flashing lights and sounds to enhance your play. Rescue the octopus easily by adding Ryder into the cage and winching him using the crane or he can hop aboard his Rescue ATV for land rescues.

Why Buy?

Robust and colourful the PAWS Sea Patroller has plenty of room for extra pups and comes with a Ryder figure, Octopus, anchor, life rings and a rescue ATV.


hot toys for christmas 2017

Fluffables from Orb are furry collectibles that come in a DIY kit and can be created as you wish.


Fluffables are cute and cuddly and you can mix and match kits to create custom designs. Using a stylus (provided) you can add fur to your Fluffable and follow a pre-designed pattern or create your very own design. Once all the fur has been inserted, you can trim it or leave it long, depending on which you prefer.

Why Buy

Fluffables offer good value for money, are highly collectible and are a cool DIY toy and we predict the will be one of the hot toys for Christmas 2017.

Are your children looking for any of the hot toys from our Christmas 2017 predictions list? Please let us know in the comments box below. 

Hot toys for Christmas 2017

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