How to Cope with Stress in the Summer

How to Cope with Stress

It is that time of year now with secondary schools finished and primary schools finishing soon for the year. Many parents find this a very busy and stressful time, trying to organise camps and activities, as well as facing into a long summer finding things to amuse the kids. Fiona from Myndserv gives some tips for parents on how to cope with stress in the summer:

Yes it is that time of year now with secondary and private schools finished for the year and just a few short weeks left for those in National schools in Ireland. The weather has not been very helpful either for stressed out parents and unfortunately as I discovered yesterday if you don’t have camps and activities planned you may find a lot are booked up already.

Here are my top five tips to keep summer stress at bay.

#1. Planning Can Reduce Stress

Get out the diary and start to plan. Camps are booking up quickly and your kids will only want to do the ones ‘everyone is doing’. Find a small group of like minded parents and agree what camp works best and that way you can also share lifts and pick ups.

Make a summer bucket list of things you and the kids want to do and enjoy working your way through the list.

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#2. Manage Holiday Expectations

Try as best you can to manage everyone’s expectations around holidays if you are heading away from home. It is well known that holidays can be even more stressful than not having one at all. Sit everyone down and lay out a few options and then get some general consensus on what you are going to do while you are away.

how to avoid stressGiven the unpredictable weather it is inevitable the kids will want to use their ‘devices’ . I know we all dream of a week or two where they run wild on the sand dunes like we used to do back in our day but let’s be realistic. Another top tip is to make sure there is wi-fi where you are going or there will be plenty of tears. (You can buy mobile wi-fi in all phone shops.)

#3. Managing Work

For those working the summer can be frustrating as nothing seems to get done. If you can sit down with your boss and co-workers and get a sense for who is going where and when and how that will affect the work load. At least if everyone knows what is going to happen it will help.

If you work from home, then try to organise your time and maybe work in the mornings to take afternoons with the kids to do things together if possible.

#4. Fun and Parties

Often there is extra pressure during the summer to be having fun all the time and you simply may not feel like it. As we always advise, it is important you do what feels right for you and don’t feel you have to go to every after work drinks party or BBQ just because the sun is shining (if it ever does)!

Entertaining at home can also be stressful so plan ahead and get people to bring stuff to the party or BBQ to help with the workload.

#5. Diet and Exercise

We are now about to reach peak season for the dreaded ‘beach body ready’ articles in the magazines. If your plans to lose weight by June have not worked out, don’t let it get to you.

Eat lighter meals such as salads, fish and chicken, and have plenty of summer fruit while it is season. Use the long evenings and nice weather just to get out and walk. We will all be back in our winter woollies soon enough!

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