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Have you been wondering how to use Pinterest and what it’s all about?  Here’s our Mykidstime guide to Pinterest including how to join Pinterest and how to use it.

How to join Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media, but it’s based on images. People who use Pinterest share images that they like with people who follow them.  We think it’s great fun to use and it’s very easy to use.  It’s great for capturing those ideas that you come across on the internet every day!

So the very first thing you need to do when you want to join Pinterest is go to You will see that you can either log in with Facebook or use your email to sign up.

Once you have activated your account you will see a series of screens walking you through how to use Pinterest then see a screen with lots of images. If you hover over an image you will get options to like, repin or comment. You will need to check your email for a confirmation to click to confirm your account.

You can start yourself off by following people, and Pinterest will suggest some people for you to follow. This is a good way to see how it all works and feel your way around until you want to begin pinning yourself!

How to create a board and how to pin things to boards

Boards in Pinterest are how you categorise what it is you are pinning. Pinterest will have already created a few boards for you but you can create your own too.

In order to pin or repin you need to create at least one board on Pinterest. To create a board you need to click the Add + link at the top-right toolbar on Pinterest. When a menu opens you need to click ‘Create a Board’.

Then you will be able to type in a name for your board and make other selections, such as if you want to invite people you know to pin with you on the board. When you are finished with your selections you can click ‘Create Board’ and then you are all done!

To create a new board while you are pinning, scroll to the bottom of your board list. Enter in a new board title and click ‘Create’.

Secret Boards

Pinterest also gives you the option of creating up to three Secret Boards, which only you and selected Followers can see. Why would you want a Secret Board? Perhaps to pin gift ideas, plan a surprise party, pin pregnancy related items before revealing your news to everyone, or anything else you may want to keep private.

To create a Secret Board, scroll down to the bottom of your Pin Board and click on one of the shadowed Secret Boards. You create the board the same as above, minding that the Secret button is On. If you’d like to share your Board with others, add them in the Who Can Pin? field. Pinning to your Secret Board is the same as any other boards.

Where to find and follow Mykidstime on Pinterest

Find us right hereWhen you go to our Pinterest page, click Follow to start following our pins.

How to follow people/organisations

If you have chosen to link your Pinterest to your Facebook, you will be able to see which of your Facebook friends are on Pinterest. There will be a few highlighted friends displayed in the top left corner, titled “Friends to Follow.” You can find a complete list by clicking on “See All” or by selecting “Find Friends” in the drop down menu under your name on the top right corner of the screen.  You can also find email, Gmail and Yahoo! contacts on Pinterest from this page. To follow a friend, simply click the red “Follow” button next to their name.

If you want to follow only a few of another Pinner’s boards, go to their page by clicking on their name, click on the board title, and select the shadowed “Unfollow” button or the red “Follow” button, depending on if you’re already following that Pinner.

There are a few ways to find people or organizations to follow.  You can search for a specific person or organization in the search bar, so if you search for “Mykidstime,” you’ll find us! Another way to find people to follow is while you’re searching for something else.  Let’s say you are looking for a recipe for “vegetarian chili.” When you type “vegetarian chili” into the search bar, a list of people who have pinned vegetarian chili recipes come up. You can browse through their boards by clicking on their name or just the board that comes up in the search (where they pinned the recipe). If you like their pins, you can choose to follow all of their boards or just follow selected boards.

Who to follow

Here are a few of our favourite Pinners to get you started on creating your own pinboards ….

Dress My Home pins loads of vintage, shabby chic and upcycling ideas for your home and garden.

The Handmade Soap Co. fills their Pinterest boards with all things pampering, including their favourite pamper products, places and yummy recipes.

If you’re interested in beauty and make-up, be sure to check out Oriflame Cosmetics Pinterest boards.

Jacadi Dublin’s Pinterest board focuses on kids’ everyday and first communion fashion.

Funky Goddess fills her boards with things she loves – movies, art, gardens, music… A lovely collection sure to get you on your pinning way!

Story Toys’ boards are full of cool kid inspiration from apps to rooms to toys. A must “Follow” for any parent pinner.

Mykidstime’s own Erin McErlean is an avid Pinterest user. Lots of food, sweet treats, kid crafts and house and garden ideas to get you pinning away!

Babiekins Magazines is who to follow if you’re into children’s fashion and Scandinavian design. And with over 5,000 pins and counting you’ll be sure to find something inspiring.

American blogger Katy Elliot’s Pinterest boards will get you in the mood to upcycle, garden and renovate an old cottage. Her Baby Stuff board is particularly charming!

The Food Network pins food, food and more food (imagine that!). You’ll never be stuck for a new recipe again!

PBS Parents focuses its Pin Board on family. You’ll find family meal ideas, early-learning, crafts and parenting advice. A must-follow for any parent.

How to add a Pin button to your browser to make it easy to pin.


Are you using Pinterest already?  Tell us about it in the comments below.

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