Inspiring Future Leaders (Your Kids!) during Tech Week 2016


Tech Week is Ireland’s nationwide festival of technology aimed at students, parents and the public. It takes place from April 24th – 30th with events happening around the country. It is a wonderful opportunity to inspire kids (future leaders!)

What is it?

This exciting week long festival provides hands-on opportunities to learn about how computing and related technology are shaping every area of life. The Smart Futures programme will be helping to celebrate Tech Week this year by providing volunteers with backgrounds in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) to give free career talks to secondary schools all over Ireland.

Why not encourage your son or daughter’s school to sign up for these free talks, which are aimed at giving secondary school students the chance to explore many diverse career areas.

With a number of tech-themed talks already organised throughout the country, check out the Smart Futures website to learn how you can get an inspiring volunteer to visit your second-level school.

Who is it for?

Everyone! Tech Week 2016 hopes to inspire students to engage actively with STEM subjects, and equip them with the knowledge and experience necessary to make informed choices about their future subject and career choices. Organisers also want to educate all citizens – of every age group and background – about the challenges and rewards of our fast-changing technological society.

Tech Week


Why is it different?

It’s a chance for everyone to engage and learn about all types of science, technology and engineering in ways they might not normally. Watch the video to see more!

Tell us in 5 words why we should go

Chance to inspire great futures



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