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We asked Mykidstime Parents around Ireland to tell us a bit about themselves.In this article, talks to Helen, a mum of three children living in Wicklow, about parenting.

Tell us about your family

I'm married to Mark 8 years and we have three beautiful boys, Darragh is almost 7, Carl is 5 and Alex is 2.

Describe a typical day in the Walsh house.

A typical day in our house would be everyone up at 7am (I hate rushing!). Mark will sort out the kids breakfast while I get the lunches ready. Everyone gets washed and dressed and we're out the door by 8.30 for the 10 minute walk to school and Mark heads to work. The boys love to play in the yard before school, so we're always there about 10/15 minutes before the bell goes.

Myself and Alex, go for a walk, do the shopping and head home to tidy up and I sort clothes for the boys for after school. I'm barely home before I'm walking up to collect Carl from school, he's still off at 12 as he only started school and has another week until he'll be off at 1.40. Darragh is off at 2.40. 

Darragh spends as little time as possible on his homework lol (he's in first class) and they're out the door to play. Bedtime is between 7 and 7.30.

What do you like to do together as a family at weekends and holidays?

At weekends, we have started bringing the two big boys swimming on a Saturday morning (my mam watches Alex), once Carl is finishing school at normal time, myself and Alex will hit the pool once a week. We also like to head to the park and visit our parents. Or if there's something on in Town, we'll head in for the day.

What aspect of parenting do you find most enjoyable?

Seeing my boys happy, healthy and the hugs and kisses!

What do you find most difficult as a parent?

Probably the constant worrying about them. We worry about them when we're pregnant, when they're babies, but to be honest I doubt any of us stop worrying about them.

What is the best piece of parenting advice you have ever received?

Perhaps like everyone, to enjoy them, I even say the same to new parents.

And the worst parenting advice you received?

Not sure I've ever received bad advice, if I have it went over my head!

How do you think parenting has changed since we were growing up, if at all? 

Growing up in the 1980's was much more relaxed in that we could head off somewhere with our friends and our parents wouldn't worry, nowadays, we need to know exactly where they're going, and when they'll be back etc.

If you were Minister for Children what one change would you make?

Free gp visits and medication for children.

What are your hopes for your children?

I hope that my children grow up to respect all around them, that they're happy, healthy and they give me lots of grandchildren!

We are looking to talk to more parents about everyday parenting. If you would be interested in chatting to us, please get in touch.

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