Meet a Mykidstime Parent – Martina from Monaghan

In our Meet a Mykidstime Parent series, talks to Martina, a mum of one child living in Monaghan, about parenting.

Tell us about your family

I’m married to Brendan for 14yrs and we have a gorgeous 7 yr old Son Emmet.

Describe a typical day in the Walsh house.

Currently neither of us are working due to illness, so are day starts of around 8 o’clock when I get Emmet up for school, where I prepare breakfast and Lunch.

Brendan usually leaves Emmet to school so leaves the house for 8.55. I give the house a quick tidy and usually go for a walk weather permitting.

Emmet has to be collected at 3 and I usually do that and Brendan has his dinner ready when he comes in. Uniform change and then homework which can take up to 45 mins.

Then it’s playtime, a bit of tv and bedtime around 8.30 with a bedtime story.

What do you like to do together as a family at weekends?

Saturday is usually a lazy day and try and spend it out in garden, usually Emmet goes up to his friends house for a few hours. Sunday GAA, playground or out for a walk.

What aspect of parenting do you find most enjoyable?

My little boy telling us he loves us and of course the cuddles and hugs

What do you find most difficult as a parent?

Letting them out of your sight, worrying about them are they happy, wondering are we doing everything right.

What is the best piece of parenting advice you have ever received?

Enjoy them from the minute they are born, they grow up so fast.

And the worst parenting advice you received?

Give them whatever they want sure aren’t they only children, def don’t agree.

How do you think parenting has changed since we were growing up, if at all? 

Growing up in the 1980’s was much more relaxed in that we could head off somewhere with our friends and our parents wouldn’t worry, nowadays, we need to know exactly where they’re going, and when they’ll be back etc.

If you were Minister for Children what one change would you make?

I would not decrease child benefit, I would give free doctors for every child.

What are your hopes for your child?

I hope he grows up healthy and safe and that he respects us at all times, that he continues in education and gains reasonable employment.

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