Meet a Mykidstime Parent – Melanie from Waterford


In our Meet a Mykidstime Parent series, had the pleasure of talking to a MyKidsTime parent, Melanie from Waterford, about her first six month of motherhood.

Tell us about your family

Myself and my husband Alex have been married for 4 years. I’m an Air Traffic Controller and Alex runs his own company, visitorM. Jack is our first baby, born in March this year. He’s just turned 6 months.

Describe a typical day in the Schregardus house

Jack usually sets our timetable. Until recently we were having a 6am start to the day but recently he’s allowing us a lie in til about 7.30am! I bring him downstairs for his breakfast while Alex gets ready for work. After breakfast and some playtime he’s usually ready for a nap and will often go back to bed from 9.30am til 11.30am. I use this time to have a shower and do some housework.

After some lunch, we head out, either for a walk or to the shops if it’s raining. Dinner for Jack is about 4pm and he has about an hour nap after that. We try and have our own meal as close to 6pm as we can and the bedtime routine (bath, massage, bottle) starts at 7.30pm, so Jack is usually asleep by 8pm. Then we catch up on some tv for as long as we can keep our eyes open!

What aspect of parenting do you find most enjoyable?

Watching Jack developing and responding to things is amazing. In six short months he’s gone from a newborn just eating and sleeping, to a little boy fascinated by anything new, who is very definite in what he likes and doesn’t like.  Hearing him laughing and seeing him smiling at things we do is very rewarding.

What do you find most difficult as a parent?

Going from being an independent career person to being ‘Jack’s mum’ has been hard. There can no longer be spontaneous trips to the hairdresser, or last minute nights out with friends. Everything has to be planned around feeds/naps/making sure Alex is home to look after Jack.  Of course the pay off is well worth it, but that aspect came as a bit of a shock!

What is best piece of parenting advice you have ever received?

To trust your instincts. Even if it is your first baby, you spend 24/7 with this child and do know him best.

And the worst parenting advice you received?

Not to be picking the baby up as he would get spoiled. In my opinion you can’t spoil a baby, they need the closeness of their parents. Some people may disagree but Jack is happy and secure and it’s worked for us.

If you were Minister for Children what one change would you make?

I would make every effort to make resources available to ensure that no child has to experience homelessness or poverty.

What are your hopes for your child?

I hope that he continues to be healthy and happy, and that we can give him every opportunity to do whatever he choses to in life. 

Photo Copyright: Melanie Schregardus

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