Minister for Children Frances Fitzgerald launches a unique parents-led social initiative


Monday 26th March 2012: Minister for Children and Youth Affairs Frances Fitzgerald launched the Positive Childhood Campaign – a parents-led social initiative created by youth/family & social marketing consultant Sheena Horgan and one of Ireland’s leading family websites  Also at the launch, Tom Dunne, well known broadcaster (and Dad of 2) from Newstalk FM.

Minister Frances Fitzgerald with Isabelle (9) and Oscar (4)

The Campaign, with the tagline “Letting Kids be Kids”, aims to raise awareness of how every citizen in Ireland has the capability to ensure Irish children’s childhood is as positive as possible.  It celebrates the many benefits of modern day childhood but also counteracts negative aspects in a collective manner, and is therefore aimed at individuals, organisations, industry and all stakeholders in Irish society.

As an integral part of the campaign, is giving parents a platform to air their views on Irish childhood through a series of online surveys, Facebook discussions and tweets – using the hashtag #Positive Childhood.

Top line results from the data gathered this far is that half of the responding parents felt that childhood compares favourably with their own, whilst just under a third felt that childhood nowadays is less positive. 

The concerns that were voiced included:  89% of parents worry about their child’s self-esteem, two thirds felt that the children's clothing being sold is age-inappropriate and 59% that food and drink manufacturers do not provide enough information for them to make good food choices for their children.

Pictured: Isabelle (9), Tom Dunne, Oscar (4)

The eight themes being looked at for the Campaign are:-
•    E-safety including mobile
•    Children’s clothing
•    Food and nutrition
•    Fitness, physical health & sport
•    Self esteem & positive parenting
•    Childhood now & then
•    Play
•    Commercialisation of children

Launch notice on Department of Children & Youth Affairs website

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