Why Moms REALLY Need a Vacation

Jennifer Buttner


February 10, 2014

mom on suitcase

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So you’ve booked the family holiday abroad, and that fellow mothers, as you know, is the easy part! Getting ready for the holiday itself is exhausting! Here’s why Moms REALLY need a vacation!

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2 weeks before

  1. Begin making a list of things to remember to pack.
  2. Add a little to the list.
  3. Add a little more…. and a little more…

1 week before

  1. Do online check in and print boarding cards as luckily remember previous holiday when ran out of print cartridge the night before.
  2. Start sorting clothes for holiday. Realise holiday clothes from last year too small/don’t fit/have unexplained stains.
  3. Put some items into cases in spare room.
  4. Figure out which one of your family members you asked last time to mind the hamster/guinea pig/pet snake/pet spider/rabbit. Ask one of the other members of your family this time. Remind them that if said pet should die in their care, you in no way hold them responsible, and will still bring back the promised duty-free!

5 days before

  1. Go shopping for essential holiday items.
  2. Buy too many items from the pharmacy just in case the resort/country you’re going to has no first aid items/shampoo/sun cream.
  3. Forget to buy plasters/antihistamines so return to pharmacy the following day only to see the sun creams are now half price!
  4. Fail to find nice swimsuit/sun dress/top for self but manage to buy heaps of new clothes for the kids.

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3 days before

  1. Start washing holiday clothes.
  2. Find cases have been unpacked by your toddler and items left in a heap on the floor. They smell really nice though, because that lovely toddler has covered them with the sun cream!
  3. Time to start the washing machine, again, and lock the spare room!

2 days before

  1. Start ironing the huge holiday clothes pile.
  2. Hunt for 2 hours for adapter plug you bought last time you went abroad. Give up.

1 day before:

  1. Finish packing suitcases again. Weigh cases. Remove some stuff only to hear kids protesting that they really need or want these items. Remove some of your own clothes or shoes instead. Finally finish packing.
  2. Head is “frazzled” –  time for a cuppa but need to hunt for that carry-on bag you bought last year.
  3. Plan snacks for the journey.
  4. Plan entertainment for the journey.
  5. Charge portable DVD players only to discover they don’t work anymore. AAAAH!!!
  6. Consider driving through rush hour traffic to Argos to spend 200 on new portable DVD players. Reject notion.
  7. Consider driving to shop for hair dye instead – you’re surely gone grey from all this holiday prep stress!!
  8. Maybe you’ll just have a cuppa but first you need to print off driving directions to the resort/hotel just in case phone doesn’t work.
  9. Printer doesn’t work – cartridges have all been used up by kids printing off endless colouring printables from the internet! Will just have to wing-it with the directions after all!
  10. Drop the hamster/guinea pig/pet snake/pet spider/rabbit to your designated pet-minder, not forgetting all the relevant food/cleaning/housing items. Again remind them that you in no way will hold them responsible should there be an untimely demise of said pet in their care!

Mum holiday suitcaseDay of departure

  1. Get dressed.
  2. Organise breakfast.
  3. Empty fridge and bin, throwing out rest of milk and any other perishables.
  4. Water plants.
  5. Check heating/gas/cooker switched off.
  6. Check tickets and passport.
  7. Give neighbour key.
  8. Make sure doors and window locked.
  9. Boil kettle for last cuppa on Irish soil for awhile…. very excited! Open fridge to get milk only to realise you dumped it earlier!
  10. Set off.
  11. Drive back to get forgotten blankie/toy/headphones.
  12. Set off again.
  13. Forget if you remembered to switch off heating/gas/cooker. Drive back to double check.
  14. Arrive at airport. Queue in several queues. Toddler decides he/she is bursting to go to the toilet. Leave that queue and begin queueing for bathroom. Join family again. Run off to grab toddler who is flying along in opposite direction on his/her trunkie.
  15. Finally board plane. Wrestle with push chair while shepherding baby/toddler/kids/bags. Squeeze cases into overhead and collapse into seat.
  16. Realise baby has filled nappy just as plane is taking off …. and that the nappy has leaked on to your pants!
  17. Sit on plane with wet smelly legs and wonder why you didn’t pack a change of clothes for yourself in the carry-on bag.
  18. Make a mental note to holiday alone next year!

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Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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