My Favourite Multiple-Friendly Places in South Dublin

With the help of some mums of multiples, here are a few of the places we’ve come across and highly recommend for bringing twins, triplets or more on the southside of Dublin. Here are My Favourite Multiple-Friendly Places in South Dublin:

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Airfield House

Airfield House is billed as Ireland’s only ‘urban farm’. Having come from the countryside myself, I need very little excuse to take my troop there to educate them on where milk really comes from and what noise real lambs actually make.

Although the tickets to visit the farm and museum are a bit pricey, it’s well worth the trip even once. Especially at weekends when Cupcake Cottage is open serving the most enchanting cakes from a real fairy tale cottage.

From up-close animal encounters for the kids to a charming ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ car collection for the adults it’s a lovely excursion on a sunny day. And the best bit is of course the big restaurant which serves a mouth watering array of homemade food inside and out with staff well used to kids clambering all over the place.

We go back on a regular visit to the restaurant alone stopping to say hello to the ponies and sheep on our way in. So for a regular lunch date or a once off day trip, Airfield comes highly recommended.

Museums and Galleries

NMI Collins Barracks Museum

The National Art Gallery and National Museums I am happy to report are all both family friendly and double buggy friendly. They all host regular family events and activities and the National Art Gallery holds a monthly new mothers tour of the collection, definitely recommended.

The Irish Museum of Modern Art is another Gallery worth a visit, easily accessible and with a Cafe Itsa on the grounds for coffee and snacks, it’s a favourite.

Eating Out With a Double Buggy

Dublin South is awash with family friendly restaurants however very few are buggy friendly never mind double buggy friendly. I have found the majority of restaurants ask you to leave the buggy at the door while most pubs won’t even allow you do this and operate a no buggy policy.

This is not a problem if you have another adult with you but if you’re alone with little people it’s damn near impossible to carry to baby seats, a changing bag and a handbag.

For this reason if out and want a lunch or snack I tend to stick to restaurants/coffee shops in shopping centres, all of which are double buggy friendly or lobbies of hotels.

Transport in Dublin with a Double Buggy

Travelling by Dart or Luas is no problem with a double buggy. There is plenty of room to manage the buggy and shopping and all stations are wheelchair accessible so will have lifts if necessary.

All Shopping Centres and Supermarkets have parent and child parking, a godsend when you can get one as they are wider parking bays allowing you to bring the buggy safely to the side of the car.

Shopping with the Twins

All of the main supermarkets have double shopping trolleys, unfortunately sometimes not enough to meet demand. If you can’t find one don’t be afraid to ask a manager to find one for you, this usually works for me.

Shopping centres for me are the fail safe place to go with twins. Double buggies can be pushed easily, plenty of large cafes, family friendly changing facilities and feeding rooms.

Dundrum is a particular favourite as the buggy fits easily around the shops; there are a huge variety of childrens shops, there are family bathrooms on each level which you can bring the buggy into and lock the door!

The Irish Multiple Births Association provides support from parents of multiples to parents of multiples.

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