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Continuing our series “Mykidstime Loves” where we highlight a range of products and services that we think are great for parents, kids & families! We’re loving the PhoneFetcher available from SecretFashionFixes:


PhoneFetcherWe all know how frustrating it is when we miss a call because we can’t find our mobile phone in our handbag fast enough.

PhoneFetcher puts an end to this frustration. PhoneFetcher is a stylish chain that clips to the inside or outside of your handbag and the other end clips into your earphone jack of your mobile phone.

When your phone rings all you need to do is simply follow the PhoneFetcher chain to locate your phone in a flash.

PhoneFetchersIt comes in a stylish Gold, Silver and Black chain so it looks great on any handbag.

As our handbags are getting larger and larger this is a must have accessory!

The PhoneFetcher costs €19 and is available to buy online at

And Mykidstime readers can get free delivery worlwide until the end of January by using code MYKIDSTIME at the checkout!

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