Mykidstime Loves..Tweekaboo


Continuing our series “Mykidstime Loves” where we highlight a range of products and services that we think are great for parents, kids & families! We’re loving the Tweekaboo App!


tweekaboo-sample-printed-book-open-transparentHave you ever spent hours loading up photos to create a photo book? Have you tons of photos on your facebook profile that you have shared with family and friends? Then take a look at the nifty Tweekaboo app. We think it’s marvellous!  

In 3 simple steps it turns your favorite Facebook photos and comments into a beautiful Memory Book in literally minutes!

The Tweekaboo app connects to your facebook photo album and lets you choose a set of photos and pops them into a great looking book complete with all the comments (don’t worry you can edit them).

And Mykidstime readers can get 20% off the Tweekaboo books using code MKT01 at the checkout!

Have you bought a memory book using Tweekaboo? Tell us what you thought of it in the comments below.

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