Mykidstime Parents Criteria for Family Friendly Venues


We asked Mykidstime parents to tell us what was important to them when choosing to visit a Family Friendly Hotel, Child Friendly Restaurants and Attractions

Criteria for Choosing a Family Friendly Hotel

  1. Activities in the hotel or nearby including kids club, playground
  2. Healthy child friendly food and/or kids dining area
  3. Fit whole family in one room comfortably, good beds or adjoining rooms
  4. Pool
  5. Welcoming to kids

Criteria for child friendly restaurants

  1. Healthy choices on the menu
  2. Accessible and spacious
  3. Something for the kids to do while waiting
  4. Value for money
  5. Child friendly staff

Criteria for family friendly attractions

  1. Offers reasonably priced family ticket
  2. Adequate toilets/changing facilities
  3. Suitable for a range of children's ages
  4. Decent food options
  5. Indoor/outdoor options in case weather changes

The Mykidstime Gold Star Awards are given to organisations that meet these criteria and also have been verified by a family to be truly family-friendly.

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