Noala: Empowering Parents To Foster Their Child’s Communication


January 1, 2023

Speech and Language development

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As parents, we play a vital role in our children’s speech and language development, especially in their early years. There is extensive evidence showing that children who are most successful in learning and adopting new skills are those who’ve had extra at-home support from their parents. The results include both pre-school and school-aged children.

Noala offer programs for both communication skills and speech sound practice, empowering parents with the right tools to foster their child’s communication from the comfort of their home. Ensuring that every child gets enough speech and language stimulation through parent-led coaching.

How Noala Can Help

Communication Boost Program

The first program available from Noala is the Communication Boost Program, aimed at your child’s speech and language skills including;

  • Attention
  • Listening
  • Social skills
  • Understanding
  • Use of language.

The program offers six themed sessions, from Transport to Animals and more. With the support of the clinical team, you’ll have access to coaching videos recorded by Noala Clinical Director, Sarah Lyons, and various interactive activities for your child to play.

It also includes a weekly coaching call with a dedicated speech profession to review your child’s progress and ensure your targets are achievable.

Speech and Sound Success Program

Is your child talking already, but the pronunciation of certain sounds needs support? The Speech and Sound Success program offers tips and strategies across 6 sessions, for you to support your child’s communication.

Starting with sounds in isolation, vowels and more, the clinical team is there to support your family throughout.

Similar to the communication boost program, you’ll have access to online coaching videos, fun and engaging activities for your child to interact with. Also, weekly coaching calls with a dedicated speech professional to answer any questions you may have and provide feedback on your child’s progress.

Clinically Backed Programs

Speech and Language development Developmental language disorder

All Noala programs are clinically backed, secure and offer in-app messaging, so that you can keep in contact with your speech professional in case you need support during the program.

To start your family’s communication journey to success, you can book a free 10 minute, no obligation, discovery call with a speech professional.

Book your call here today!

Support for Parents and Children

From assessment to intervention, Noala aims to make speech and language therapy mainstream.

Noala encouraging your child's communication skills

What Parents Say About Noala

Each family is on their unique journey and at their own pace. Here are what some parents who have used the Noala programs have to say:

I’m so glad you guys exist! I have scheduled a call next week and can’t wait to find out more. It hurts when you think you can’t help your child so thank you for being here.” Lara, mother of 2 based in the UK

“Teletherapy, both during the pandemic and beyond (hello tube strikes!), has allowed my son to regularly access speech therapy. I even find his attention is more focused during the online sessions. I’m able to watch therapy, learn new techniques and also ask questions. I leave the sessions feeling reassured and empowered to continue supporting my son at home.” Sarah, mom of 3 based in London

“As a parent I believe that speech therapy needs to be accessible to all families and that early identification and intervention is key. Making Speech Therapy accessible is at the core of the exciting new digital platform, Noala. Their in-house Speech Therapy team guides families to support their child’s speech, language & communication needs, practising at their own pace and accessing online activities as needed.” 

If you would like to have your child assessed, Noala offer online clinical assessments. Assessing speech and/or language, you can opt in to receive a clinical report and further guidance.

“For our online speech sounds assessment, both my daughter and I enjoyed it. Chloe, the speech therapist, was lovely. We have now moved onto the speech sound success program and my daughter is loving it. I appreciate the weekly calls and I’m enjoying it, just as much as my daughter. We both look forward to the next games in the upcoming weeks when it gets released!” Vicky, mom of 2

Noala are there to support you throughout every step of the way. Contact their team today and start encouraging your child’s communication.

To learn more visit Noala or book your free call here today!

Noala Empowering Parents To Foster Their Child’s Communication

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