20 Things a Mother Should Tell Her Son - Mykidstimes

20 Things A Mother Should Tell Her Son

As a mother of a son, I am always on the lookout online for useful parenting tips – you know those ones that impart...
Older Child Tantrum

8 Top Tips For Dealing With an Older Child’s Tantrum

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10 Simple Ways for Parents to Stop Themselves Yelling at Kids

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20 Alternative Confirmation Gift Ideas That Aren’t Money

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New Harry Potter LEGO is Coming – Starting With LEGO Hogwarts!

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20 Important Things You Should Tell Your Teenager

As parents we want to guide our children and teach them as best we can to grow into happy, responsible adults. The teenage years...
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How Many of These 127 Secret Teen Codes Do You Know?

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Handy Hairstyles to Prevent Lice and Nits Taking Hold

In the Hair Helper household we like to approach things with a "prevention is better than cure" attitude and are happy to bring you...