Places to Change Baby in Clare


My kids have moved out of the stage where I have to worry about changing nappies, but I can recall the frustration of finding baby changing facilities when I needed them. Frankly, I always had a changing mat in my bag and hoped for the best. I’d get excited to find a decent clean countertop! Desperate times call for desperate measures. I can vouch that, if you’re in Ennis town, that the lobby toilets in Queen’s Hotel on Abbey Street has a counter to change baby. Also, Temple Gate Hotel has a long counter and plenty of space to roll a buggy into if needed. Just be mindful and don’t leave baby unattended for a second if it’s not a proper baby changing table. The Old Ground Hotel also has a baby change table in the lobby toilets. The Dunnes Town Centre has a designated baby change room. It is probably the most convenient place to go if you are in the centre of town, though it can be busy.  Also, I just noticed recently that BB’s Muffins in Dunnes Town Centre has a baby change table and it’s a very handy place to grab a coffee with plenty of space for buggies.

Fortunately, Ennis has added a few family friendly chains in recent years so I know you’ll find good facilities at McDonald’s on Gort Road, Ennis or at Eddie Rockets across from St. Flannan’s College.

If you’re in Shannon, McDonald’s also has a restaurant there and the SkyCourt Shopping Centre has a baby changing room. I’m sure there are many other locations around the county. I would appreciate any tips, if you want to email them to me, I would be happy to add them to help other parents out.



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