Places to Change Baby


As parents, we’ve all been there, baby needs changing, but where to go?  And unfortunately I can’t help you out here. I had my two children whilst living in New Zealand and when I asked my Sister in law and mother of four she said “I changed my babies on my lap (discreetly of course) wherever I went!”

So I need your help, if you know of places in Dublin North County where there is a changing table or parent room please email me on [email protected] so I can let the other parents know!

I know the Bracken Court Hotel in Balbriggan has changing facilities for babies, I know Pavillions Shopping Centre in Swords has somewhere to change baby (in fact it also has a playroom where you can leave the kids while you shop). I know the GAA club in Malahide, Oscar Taylors Restaurant in Malahide and Grand Hotel in Malahide have a changing table………. So if you’re in Malahide you’re doing ok, sorry I can’t help much with other areas yet!



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