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Welcome to the Positive Childhood Fitness & Sport page. Why is Fitness & Sport in our Campaign? Why should we care? The shocking fact is that Ireland has one of the highest rates of childhood obesity in the world, almost one in 4 boys and over one in 4 girls are either overweight or obese.

Research done as part of the Growing Up in Ireland study shows that the risk of obesity is significantly related to the levels of physical exercise and sedentarism and that it's an issue that affects not only physical health but also mental health by impacting our children's self-esteem.

What Parents Think

Our research before Christmas showed that

  • Only 52% of parents think their child gets as much physical exercise as they did when they were a child
  • 78% of parents think their child walks less than they did as a child
  • 56% of children participate in 1 or 2 sports while 44% participate in more than 2 sports
  • 19% of children play sport every day and 69% play 2-4 times a week

Let's Get Up And Get Active Together

As parents, we have a huge part to play in encouraging our kids to be active. We would like to encourage you as parents to play that part and let's get up and active together. Take our Get Up and Get Active Together Pledge that you will do one of these things with your child at least once a week:

  • Kick a soccer ball about for 20 minutes
  • Take turns to do 100 skips with a rope
  • Grab a hula hoop and try 50 hula hulas
  • Get on your bikes (or walk with your child while they cycle) for 1/2 an hour
  • Walk the dog together for 1 mile

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Take Our "Women in Sport" Challenge!

We challenge you to find out how much you know about our senior Irish national sportswomen. We have teamed up with the Football Assocation of Ireland, Irish Hockey and the Ladies Gaelic Football Association to bring you fun profiles of some of the women players and some goodies to win as well.

Have you got any thoughts on the topic of keeping kids fit or on encouraging children to participate in sport? Share them in the comments below

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