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March 2012

Our research before Christmas showed that 67% of parents think that children's clothing being sold is not age appropriate and that they feel there isn’t enough choice of clothing.  Newstalk Nation found last year that over half of parents believe their children are conscious of their body image and that clothing plays an important role in modern day childhood.  We believe retailers need to embrace their responsibility in this regard. 

As parents ourselves, we are concerned about early sexualisation and body image and in particular, with regards to products, clothes and toys/giveaways which encourage children to think of themselves (and others to think of children) as adult or sexual.  E.g. bras, revealing clothes, word 'sexy' on children's clothes, makeup.

Irish Retailers Code for Children's Clothing?

Retail Ireland are considering signing up to an Irish Code for Children's Clothing similar to the UK so please Voice Your Support if you think this issue is important.

UPDATE: Thursday June 28th: Retail Ireland have launched guidelines for childrenswear which we welcome as a first step.

Children's Clothing and Retail

Read Sheena Horgan's article on "Where do we draw the line on adult brands crossing over into kids' clothing?"

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What can I do as a Parent?

  • Have you seen inappropriate children's clothing for sale?  Submit a photo of the items with details of where you saw it on sale and we will help publicise it.  At the same time you should report the details to Retail Ireland, tel (01) 6051558 and email [email protected]

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