Positive Childhood "Letting Kids be Kids"



To raise and sustain the importance of Irish children having a positive childhood, leveraging the collective motivation and contribution of all interested parties, but in particular giving parents a voice on this imperative subject.

It is not about placing blame or pointing fingers, but rather is about looking at what Irish childhood is and how it can be made as positive as possible.


Every citizen of Ireland believes in and supports making childhood in Ireland as positive as possible


To involve every citizen of Ireland to support making childhood in Ireland as positive as possible

Our Campaign

Mykidstime.ie has teamed up with Sheena Horgan, an ethics & youth specialist (and parent of 4!) for the campaign as our special advisor.  Sheena writes here about why we need the campaign.

We recently surveyed parents on their thoughts about childhood in Ireland, you can take a look at the results and comments here.  The Minister for Children & Youth Affairs, Frances Fitzgerald and Tom Dunne, Newstalk presenter helped us launch our campaign and we would love everyone to be involved!  Each month we will be highlighting different aspects of childhood. Here are the topics we'll be highlighting:

February   e-Safety including mobile  
March   Kids clothing  
April   Food & nutrition  
May   Fitness & sport  
June   Self esteem  
July   Childhood now & then  
August   Play  
September   Commercialisation of children  
October   Reading & Books  
November   Grandparents  
December   Celebrations  

We will have resources, information and lots of activities and ideas for parents each month. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, email us or comment below!

Our Partners

We have some great partners who are supporting our Positive Childhood campaign:


Football Association Ireland

FAI Schools


Barnardos Ireland



Fingal Counselling

Murphy Playground Services

Nutrition and Health Foundation

newstalk 106-108 fm


Irish Hockey Association

Irish Countrywomen's Association


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