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Welcome to the Positive Childhood Play page. Play is such an important part of childhood that we just had to have a whole topic about it!

What Parents Think

Our research before Christmas showed that

  • 86% feel that their child has enough time to play each week
  • On average children plays indoors between 2 and 4 hours per day
  • On average they play outdoors between 2 and 4 hours per day weather permitting.
  • Most parents spend between 2 and 4 hours each week playing with their child

One parent commented "I think that when I was a child, imagination came into it a lot more – didn't have so many toys, and other stimuli such as videogames and TV.  This is why I encourage my 21 month old to play with her farm toys and dolls and 'pretend', so that her imagination is allowed to develop.  She does cooking and colouring with me, which I used to do as a child, so in that respect our play is similar, and I take her to the park – whereas I used to only play in the garden – I think some of the local parks provide a great, free service and we go at least once a week if not more."

Why is Play Important?

Most parents would like to see their child grow up to be confident, to be able to deal with the challenges of everyday life and to get on well with others. So what’s that got to do with play? Well, everything really. Play is exactly how children acquire the skills that we as adults hope they will have in later life.  Read more here.

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Help us Save the Games and Songs from Your Childhood Play!

We want you to share any games or songs that you used to play when you were a child.  We'll be creating a special free e-book out of all the submissions, and everyone who submits a memory of a game or a song will be submitted into a draw to win a toy voucher!  Submit your entry here.

Playground Makeover Competition

Murphy Playground Services and Graffiti Wipeout are giving away a playground clean up and makeover worth €2,000 for one lucky playground!  There are also 2 runner up prizes of graffiti removal kits!

If your local playground could do with this revamp, all you have to do is enter here with a photo of how bad the playground is!  10 playgrounds will be shortlisted for a final choice during the week of 27th of August with the winner announced at the start of September.

What are your thoughts on the importance of play for children?  Tell us in the comments below

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