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Welcome to the Positive Childhood Self Esteem page. When we decided to run this campaign we started talking about all these topics:

  • how companies advertise to children
  • how commercialised children are and the pressure that parents feel under to buy things for their kids
  • the rise of obesity and link to healthy diets and exercise
  • how technological our kids are compared to us & how we worry about cyberbullying
  • the importance of fun & play and letting kids be kids.

That's when we realised that underpinning all of these things is Self-Esteem.  All of these affect children's self-esteem. 

Talking to Mykidstime parents made us realise that while parents know that good self-esteem is important, not everyone knows how to if define what Self-Esteem is and as a parent, how to recognise low self-esteem and what to do about it.

What Parents Think

Our research before Christmas showed that

  • 89% of parents worry about their child's self-esteem
  • 40% of parents feel they don't know how to develop positive self-esteem in their child
  • 27% don't know the signs of self-esteem or how to spot them

but on a positive note

  • 89% have clear guidelines about rules at home

What is Self-Esteem

Have you been worried about your child's self-esteem?  Mary Long of Fingal Counselling explains what self-esteem is and gives some tips on recognising signs of low self-esteem and as a parent, how to tackle the problem.

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Children and Discipline

Sue Atkins is a parenting expert and founder of Positive Parenting.  She is the author of 2 books "Parenting Made Easy and "Raising Happy Children For Dummies" and is a regular guest on TV shows and radio.

How we disciple our children can effect their self esteem. In this video Sue talks about positive discipline and gives some great tips and talks about the importance of parents remaining calm in themselves.

How we parent can affect our children's self- esteem.  Positive disciple is important for children to learn how to manage their anger, problem solve, learn empathy and how get along with others.

Eileen Hayes gives parenting tips for your school going children.

What to do about a shy child

Many parents worry if they think their child may be shy and not making friends with their peers.

Parents can help their children develop social skills in a number of ways. James Andrews offers some practical tips in this article.

It is important to remember that shyness can also be a personality trait and a child with healthy self worth may be sensitive and quiet but will be happy in themselves.

Nurturing self-esteem in children

Parents are the key for helping their children develop healthy self- esteem. Parents are their Child's mirror and reflect their self worth.  This short article in the Irish Independent give tips on how to nuture self-esteem in children.

Lori Lite has a great website called Stress Free Kids and has great tips for parents.

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What are your thoughts on self-esteem?  How do you try to support your child? Tell us in the comments below

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