Mykidstime 2014: what did our fans most enjoy


It’s been a busy year and we always like to take a look back and see which articles were enjoyed by parents during the year. So here are the top 20 articles on Mykidstime that parents enjoyed reading:


#1. The Difference Between Your First, Second and Third Child

Becoming a parent transforms every single aspect of your life. These transformations continue throughout your parenting journey especially with each child! Hands up who has done the following?! Here’s the difference between having your first second and third child.

#2. Let It Go Frozen Mom Version

Has “Let It Go” been sung a million times in your house? Here’s what would it would sound like if Elsa were a Mom, in the Let It Go Frozen Mom Version!

10 Hacks for Parents to Organise Toys#3. 20 Hacks for Parents for Organising Toys

Feeling overwhelmed by toys around the  house? We have 10 great hacks for parents to organise toys to simplify and organise the family chaos!

#4. 20 Things to Never Say to a Stay-At-Home-Mom

Whether or not to stay home is a tough choice many Moms have to make and parents who opt out of jobs to raise kids are often met by a range of comments, from the silly to the downright rude! Here’s a few of the worst things to say to a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM).

#5. 25 Things Good Parents Shouldn’t Do

No one ever said Parenting was easy! As Lionel Kauffman once said, “Children are a great comfort in your old age – and they help you reach it faster, too”. Here is the Guide to 25 Things Good Parents Should Not Do.

#6. 50 things to do for your children that cost nothing but time:

We asked parents for ideas for free things to do for their child and here are great suggestions for 50 things to do for your children that cost nothing but time

#7. Hot Toys for Christmas 2014

We take a look at the predictions for the Hot Toys for Christmas 2014the ‘Must Have’ list of toys that children will be desperate to get their hands on this Christmas

#8. What were the most popular baby names last year?

So what were the most popular baby names last year? Check our fun baby names by country infographic to find out!

10 Back to School Hacks#9. 10 Great Back to School Hacks

Back to School time and we have 10 great back to school hacks to simplify and organise the family chaos!

#10. 20 Things to Tell Your Daughter

Mothers and daughters have a special bond but the world can be a scary place for your little girl when she is growing up. We’ve put together our own list of 20 Things Your Daughter Should Know. Now if only she’d listen!

#11. 20 Things a Mother Should Tell her Son

As a mother of a son, I am always on the lookout online for useful parenting tips – you know those ones that impart some real nuggets of information on how to mother sons and set them up, ready for the world! It’s not as if we know how their minds work – after all aren’t men from Mars ?! I came across two lists – the original, and the original with additions. We liked both so here’s 20 things a Mother should tell her son.

#12. Children and Sleep: What Every Parent Should Know

These questions and answers about helping your child sleep with Lucy Wolfe from Sleepmatters.

#13. A Letter from a Working Mother to a Stay-At-Home Mother

Ever wondered what Working Mothers would say to Stay-at-Home Mothers and vice versa? Have a read of this brilliant post by Dr Carolyn Ee called A Letter from a Working Mother to a Stay-At-Home Mother, and vice versa

#14. 28 Reasons You Know You’re Mum to a Son

Grubby hands, dirty walls… Here’s 28 Reasons you know you’re Mum to a Son!

fridge cake recipe#15. No Bake Kitchen Sink Cake Recipe

Looking for a delicious refrigerator cake recipe? Try this No Bake Kitchen Sink Cake recipe, so simple and easy and quick to make. The best fridge cake recipes are often the simplest!

#16. Know The Symptoms of Meningitis

As parents, we all worry about meningitis.  Do you know the symptoms? Act for Meningitis have provided us with a handy guide to symptoms by age group.

#17. Tips for Parents on Getting Rid of Hair Lice

Has the dreaded happened? The head lice have come home from nursery or school and you’re wondering how to treat them. Here are 7 tips from Mykidstime parents on getting rid of hair lice.

#apps for preschoolers18. 20 of the Best Educational Apps for Preschoolers

Are you looking for educational apps for young kids? There are so many apps for preschoolers to choose from, but how can you be sure they are any good? Here’s 20 of the best educational apps for preschoolers, recommended by Mykidstime parents, that will entertain and educate your little ones.

#19. 50 Places to Take Your Child this Summer in Ireland

As parents we are always on the lookout for great places for kids that are child-friendly, and fun to visit too! In this 50 Places to Take your Child this Summer in Ireland, you’ll find a mixture of paid for and free places to visit, indoor and outdoor places, old historical places and brand new attractions. We hope you have fun visiting them!

#20. Top Tablets for Kids for Christmas 2014

With so many tablets on the market, parents face a tricky task in deciding what to buy. Price, durability and parental control are just some of the factors that need consideration. With this in mind, we’ve put together our Top Tablets for Kids for Christmas 2014 to help you choose.

Do you have suggestions for things you would like to read on Mykidstime? Share them with us in the comments below.

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