Sarah Webb Shares her Childhood Memories

Jill Holtz

October 20, 2012

sarah webb

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We recently spoke to author Sarah Webb about her childhood and special memories.

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Sarah worked as a children’s bookseller for many years before becoming a full time writer. Writing is her dream job as she can travel, read books and magazines, watch tv and movies, and interrogate friends and family, all in the name of ‘research’.

She adores stationary, especially stickers, and devours books – she reads at least one novel a week. As well as the Ask Amy Green series, Sarah has written ten adult novels and many books for younger children. She visits a school every Friday during term time and loves meeting young readers and writers.

Whereabouts do you come in your family?

I am the eldest in my family. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother.

What is your earliest childhood memory?

Gosh, good question. Being read to as a very young child – Richard Scarry and Dr Seuss. I must have been 3 maybe.

Did you have a favourite toy as a young child?

Yes, Panda Ted. I still have him now. He comes to all my school events with me and he still squeaks if you press his tummy!

What are your memories of your school days? Were you a good pupil?

I liked school well enough. I loved story time and art. I was brutal at maths. Was I a good pupil – I talked a lot which was always commented on in my reports, so yes and no I’d say!

Who was your best friend growing up? Are you still in touch with them?

Tanya, Nicky and Andrew – and yes, we are still great friends to this day.

What was your favourite drink as a child?

Water – I would only drink water. Weird I know. I still won’t drink tea or coffee.

Did you have any pets?

Yes, cats, a dog and rabbits. Whiskey, Coco and various great bunny names!

What were your favourite games to play outside with friends?

Chasing, anything to do with running around. Tarzan and Jane also!

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A ballerina.

Do children today have more or less freedom than children of your generation?

It was different in many ways, but in other ways very similar. It’s a world of the imagination, childhood, isn’t it? And that hasn’t changed I’m glad to say!

You can find Sarah online at and and on Twitter and on facebook at and

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