Save Energy Ambassador Activity 1


Save Energy Activity 1 for our Energy Ambassadors

This is the first activity our Energy Ambassadors will be carrying out for the Mykidstime Save Energy campaign.  Feel free to join in if you want or check out our other Energy Activity if you don't have a plug in energy monitor.

“Check The Kitchen” Appliance Use

We want you to record the energy that different kitchen appliances use.  So, using your plug in energy monitor record the energy use that each kitchen appliance has.

Washing machine – electric units used (kwh)

Tumble Dryer  – electric units used (kwh)

Dishwasher – electric units used (kwh)

Microwave – electric units used (kwh)

Kettle – electric units used (kwh)

Toaster – electric units used (kwh)

Submit your answers to us at [email protected]

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