Save Energy Ambassador Activity 2


Save Energy Activity 2 for our Energy Ambassadors

This is the second activity our Energy Ambassadors will be carrying out for the Mykidstime Save Energy campaign.  Feel free to join in if you want or check out our other Energy Activity if you don't have a plug in energy monitor.

“Turn It Down” – Reducing Heating Use

  1. Shorten the length of time the timer on the heating is on for over 5 days – 15 min, 30 min, 45 min, 60 min, 90 min
  2. Measure the temperature difference each hour during the evening and then ask if the occupants notice the difference and take notes on what they say. 
  3. Also record the outside temperature (can use or local airport to get temperature).
  4. Submit your answers to us at [email protected].  So e.g. Day 1: each hour's temperature during the evening + comments + the outside temperature and so on for the 5 days.

Notes for the family

Your thermometer needs to be put in one room – ideally the family room where most of the family are in the evening. Thermometer should be placed in a location where it is:
•    Away from drafts
•    Not directly in sunlight
•    Not very close to the radiator
•    Not beside an open fire
•    If possible where it can be read by the kids but not accessible to small kids.


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