Save Energy General Activity 3


Save Energy Activity 3 January

Lightbulb Check

This month we have a very easy activity for you!

1. Armed with a notepad and pencil, go around the whole house and count all the lightbulbs.

2. As you go, note down whether or not the lightbulb is an energy-saving lightbulb or not.

3. Now work out what % of energy saving bulbs you have in relation to your total light bulbs

4. Check your answer here:

Less than 50% – Room for improvement!  Next time you replace a lightbulb, use an energy saving one.  You will start to see the difference over time by having less lightbulbs to replace, never mind feeling good about saving energy!

Between 50% and 75% – You are doing well but maybe could do a little better.  How about trying to replace some more to feel even better 🙂

Over 75% – great stuff! You are not only helping save electricity but you are saving money as well.  It's estimated that over its lifetime an energy saving light bulb can save around €80 just by replacing a 100-watt incandescent with a 20-watt energy efficient light bulb.

Email your final result with your name, address, phone number to [email protected] for your chance to win a set of energy saving lightbulbs!


Closing date 20 January 2012

Prize supplied by OES Consulting, an independent Irish company specialising in Energy, Environment and Safety services

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