What is STEM? A Guide for Parents, Teachers and Students

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What is STEM? Smart Futures has launched a new STEM Brochure for students, teachers and parents alike to gain a brief overview of the creative and unusual career options across the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) spectrum, which people may not be aware of when making subject choices. 

Keeping up to date on the many career paths available in STEM isn’t always straightforward. From designing video games or medical devices, to improving food science and sport, and even saving lives through cancer research. Parents and students need real insights into the many exciting and diverse STEM career opportunities in Ireland.

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The Smart Futures website aims to provide STEM career resources to students, teachers, guidance counsellors and parents in Ireland and stimulate an interest in STEM subjects.

What is STEM brochureExplore your future in STEM a brochure for students, teachers and parents alike to make it easier to get to grips with careers in Science Technology Engineering and Maths.

Be make sure to visit www.smartfutures.ie for more profiles and many FREE online resources for students, parents and teachers.

Smart Futures is coordinated and managed by Science Foundation Ireland, in partnership with Ireland, BioPharma Ireland, the Royal Society of Chemistry, ICT Ireland, the Irish Medical Devices Association (IMDA), the Institute of Physics, the American Chamber of Commerce and many other stakeholder groups.

Over to you now. Is your child considering a career in STEM? Let us know in the comments box below. 

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