The Stability Treaty: what's it all about then?


The Referendum on The Stability Treaty takes place on May 31st.   I sat down the other day to read the official Stability Treaty Guide that had been put through my door and ended up none the wiser. 

So we have put together some useful links that might help explain the Treaty for you and help you make your decision. – The official government website for the Stability Treaty has a reasonably useful Treaty in Brief section – we found this website for the Institute of International & European Affairs has a useful FAQ section – has a wordy but reasonably informative Overview section – the Spoofers Guide to the Fiscal Treaty by Andrea Pappin (at the time of writing undecided) and Jason O'Mahony (on the Yes team) is definitely worth a browse – The Fiscal Treaty explained in Pictures – excellent!

TD's Shane Ross and Stephen Donnelly – it's worth a read of their takes on the Treaty

What happens next if Ireland says no? Some thoughts on what the outcomes will be of a No vote Irish Times

Video Links

We hope you have found these links useful.  Have you decided how you are going to vote on 31st May?   What are your thoughts on the Treaty as a parent?  Tell us in the comments below.

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