Tips to Help You Spend Quality Time with Your Child

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We asked Mykidstime parents in what ways they try to spend quality time each day with their child. Here are tips to help you spend quality time with your child, as suggested by Mykidstime parents:

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#1. After School

  • We talk on the walk to and from school each day (20 minutes each way) and after school, I’ll sit with him to help him do his homework, and we’ll be chatting here and there throughout the afternoon. If time allows and baby is napping, we can play a board game.
  • I try to spend a few minutes with her when she comes in from school chatting about her day.
  • We do homework together first, then try to do some activity with them even if it’s just getting them to help prep dinner. We all eat together every day and catch up on news.
  • Chats in the car letting everyone have a chance to speak.
  • I try to go for walks with them so that we can chat while we walk
  • Going over homework together when I come in from work. I sit down to ask about their day in school and play time. We talk about future plans together.

#2. Doing Activities Together

  • mum-playing-with-childLast weekend, we baked and built gingerbread houses together.
  • My husband teaches him guitar lessons, so there’s always an opportunity to connect and talk.
  • We do things altogether, play, watch, study, read them books. We also try new things like baking, crafts. We also do chores altogether.
  • We watch TV together and just play around together telling jokes and just talking.
  • We either colour, bake, play a board game or lego
  • Cooking together and helping with the dishes, she loves feeling helpful.
  • Always make sure I get at least two hugs, and spend time in the same room with them. Never do any adult things around them ie talking on phones, on the internet watching adult tv etc. And we always eat together at the table.

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#3. Bedtime is Together Time

  • I work fulltime so I make a point to be there in the evening so we can have a storytime every night before he goes to bed.
  • We sit in the evenings and play with the toys or draw pictures.we talk about the day.
  • Talking about his day, a cuddle before bed and story, telling him how much he is loved and how amazing he is.
  • He chooses a bedtime story which I read to him.
  • We always have stories before bed too which can be a chat if needed instead!
  • Cuddles, talking, asking about their day.
  • At bedtime the bedtime story provides a half hour of one-on-one time which is nice at the end of the day.
  • At night time to snuggle up on the sofa before going to bed and let my child tell me about what was good about today also what was not that good.

#4. Meals Together are Important

  • We always have dinner together.
  • Dinner everyday is sit down and talk time.
  • We always try to have meals together where we sit down without tv and chat.
  • Mealtimes are important for sitting at the table and eating as a family.

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#5. Assigning Family Time Helps

  • We try and have game night each week at weekends.
  • We’ll have a movie night on the weekend too where the whole family gets in some treats and we watch it together.
  • At weekends we try go somewhere as a family
  • Sitting together for movie night and trying not to always prioritise the household chores.
  • We read and play games/puzzles together during the week.  We go out together at weekends, to the park with the dogs, and watch films in the evenings.  We sometimes bake together.

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#6. Make Time for Each Child

  • One on one with each child having a chat at least once a day.
  • Go shopping with each individually too…more time to get close to your child and gives them one to one time with you.
  • Asking about good things that happened each day and bad things, trying to see how we could change them.
  • I have 2 girls but each has separate storytime so I can at least spend that time chatting about days how they are etc
  • Remembering what’s going on with each of them and asking them about them (eg if one child is doing a play, ask how it’s going, or if another one is doing a project how is that one going etc).
  • I try to take time out with each of my 3 reading a book at bed time each, going to each one seperately throughout the day for a chat! Giving them all time for themselves and space too.
  • Always talk with them about how they feel their day went for them.  Listen – actively!  Ask questions about the good stuff that happened so they can re-iterate it back and feel good again! Treat them as considerately as I would a guest… 🙂
  • I always try to sit down with each child for a while and ask them about their day.

Have you any tips for spending quality time with your child?  Share them in the comments below.


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