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Christmas party season is nearly here and we've teamed up with to bring you the Top 10 Handbag Essentials to make sure you feel and look fabulous and avoid any fashion mishaps! 

#1. The Panda Pen 

The Panda Pen erases any eye makeup misadventures at the click of a button!  

Its woven cotton tip contains a conditioning eye makeup remover that is tough on waterproof mascara and eyeliner but gentle on your skin.

Just run the Panda Pen under your eye and you'll be picture perfect in seconds! Priced €31.99

#2. Mascara Shield

Luscious lashes made simple!

By holding the Mascara Shield under your top and bottom lashes you can use your mascara brush to line each individual lash with mascara giving a more natural look.

It also helps prevent that clumpy mascara sticking lashes together. A great little tool for everyday use. Priced €13.99



Travalo is a small refillable atomizer bottle which can be easily filled with your favourite perfume.

It's priced at €19.99, comes in an array of funky patterns, and is very lightweight and durable.

However, don’t let the size fool you, it holds 65 sprays of your favourite perfume. Ideal for a night out or weekend away.


#4. PhoneFetcher

Ever miss calls because you can't find your phone hiding at the bottom of your handbag (under the lipgloss, wallet, keys, tissues, hairbrush, diary, emergency chocolate bar …).

The PhoneFetcher's silver chain clips to the inside of your hand-bag and the other side clips securely into the ear phone jack of your mobile phone. Voila! No more lost phone! Priced from €15.99


#5. Red Foot Folding Ballet Pumps

We all love our stiletto and high heeled shoes on a night but there comes a point in the night when your two little feet just can’t take any more pain!

That’s when you need to reach for your Folding Ballet Pumps from your handbag.

These stylish folding shoes are versatile enough to complement any outfit, flexible enough to fold up and slip in an out of your handbag and a steal at €19.50. These sweet little flats will keep you dancing all night long!

#6. Blouse Button

We all keep a few safety pins in our Hand-bag for those "oops!" moments. Now you can replace them with the Blouse Button, a stylish fix which can be used to reduce cleavage on your top or dress, replace a lost button, hold up an unstitched hem, keep a scarf or pashminas in place or just as an accessory.

They come in a variety of styles to suit whatever your style may be. Priced €12.00


#7. Flash Tape Mini

Avoid any wardrobe malfunctions with Flash Tape Mini, a small dispenser containing a roll of double sided fashion tape.

Simply drop into your bag to ensure you are covered for any fashion emergencies.

Use it to hold clothing in place, close unwanted gaps in blouses, repair a hem or tear in clothing … The list goes on. Priced €13.50


#8. Lint Removing Sheets

Good-bye sticky, bulky lint roller! Hello sleek, slender Hollywood Lint Removing Sheets! These portable packets contain 30 individual super-sticky sheets, whose sole mission is removing lint, snatching up pet hair, dandruff, dust, fuzz and fluff from your clothing to keep you looking impeccably groomed.

Each package contains two slim packets perfect for pocket, handbag, briefcase, even your tiniest clutch. Priced €9.00


#9. Oil Blotting paper

Stay photo ready without disturbing your makeup with Face Care's Oil Blotting Paper.

Just press the paper sheet lightly against oily areas whenever you need to “freshen up”!

Slim package is ideal for your handbag or desk drawer! Great value at €9.99 for a pack of 100 sheets. 



#10. Manicure on the Go

Keep your nails gorgeous wherever you go with Manicure on the Go. The sleek little matchbox holds 12 2-in-1 nail files to ensure your nails are in tip-top shape all party season long. Perfect size for your party handbag. Priced €3.99 was started in October 2012 by two mumtreprenuers, Dee Fitzgerald and Wendy Fitzgerald, who are dedicated in ridding Ireland's women of their fashion mishaps! The website is a One-Stop-Shop for Fashion Fixes from Pouchee handbag organisers to Strappy's decorative bra straps – all tried, tested and approved by Dee and Wendy. Their innovative and quirky products will have you wondering how you ever lived without them before!   


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