Top Tablets for Kids Christmas 2013

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Tablet computers continue to dominate top toys for Christmas lists this year. With so many tablets on the market, parents face a tricky task in deciding what to buy. Price, durability and parental control are just some of the factors that need consideration.
With this in mind, we’ve put together our Top Tablets for Kids for Christmas 2013 to help you choose.

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LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra

LeapPad Ultra bSuggested Age : 4 – 9 years old

Amazon £114.99

Argos €167.99

Smyths Toys €144.99

(All prices current at time of publishing)

The LeapPad Ultra is the follow up to the phenomenally successful LeapPad 2. This new kid-friendly tablet has a 7-inch, high resolution touchscreen, and stylus.It also features a rechargeable lithium battery that gives kids up to nine hours of play,that can be charged using a USB cable or AC adapter – both of which are included. And comes with 8GB of memory.

The Ultra also includes LeapSearch by Zui, a child-safe web browser that allows for age appropriate video, image content and websites that have been reviewed and approved by LeapFrog’s Learning Team. WiFi access allows Parent’s to purchase and download content to their child’s tablet easily and the LeapPad Ultra allows peer-to-peer play(ie – two kids can play a game, together, at the same time, on their own tablets, when connected on the same local wifi)

The LeapPad Ultra also comes with 11 custom apps, including the new Pet Chat, Pet Pad Ultra, Art Studio Ultra, a music player and a utility suite with calculator, notepad, calendar, voice memo, clock and stopwatch. When tablet is connected to a computer (PC or Mac( and register the device, you’ll be allowed to download one free app from the LeapFrog App Centre.

As with previous LeapPads, the LeapPad Ultra alos features from and back cameras and video recorder. The Ultra is also compatible with LeapFrog’s learning library of more than 800 games, apps, ebooks, videos, music, cartridges and more that remember your child’s progress Parents can connect to the LeapFrog Learning Path to see details of their child’s play.

innotab 3SVtech InnoTab 3S 

Argos €139.99

Smyths Toys €114.99

Amazon £98.74

Suggest Ages : 4 to 9 years.

What makes the The InnoTab 3S different from its previous generations, is VTech have added WiFi connectivity allowing kids to browse pre-approved websites with chld-safe content. (Parents can manage the sites that are on the approved list)

The Kid Connect app will allow your child to stay in contact with parents’ smartphones and send and receive text messages and animated stickers via the tablet when wifi connected. To send voice messages, photos and drawings, an upgrade to the Premium Kid Connect app is required.

With included apps and touchscreen games, an e-reader with story dictionary, Wonder Cam for creating funny photo effects, an art studio, MP3 player. And like all InnoTab products, parents can create an online account and track kids progress through the Learning Logde Navigator. (must be connected to a computer via the included USB cable to access thish feature) Once registered through Learning Lodge, you’ll receive a free app download.

The InnoTab 3S features a 180 degree rotating camera and video recorder, a five inch colour touchscreen, tap,flick,drag and drop just like a grown up! The motion sensor lets you turn, tilt and move the tablet in different directions for additional fun while playing games. The 3S also comes with a onscreen popup keypad and stylus and each tablet allows for the creation of up to four user profiles. Has a 2GB memory but you can expand the memory with a micro SD card (not included). It also includes a rechargeable battery pack and AC adapter.

Kurio 7S Android Tabletkurio 7s

Argos €209.99

Amazon £160.00

Suggested Age – 4 years and over

A new range of Kurio Android-powered devices for families have been introduced – The Kurio 7s is a tablet for toddlers, kids and teens with a variety of sizes available –  in 4-inch, 7 inch and 10 inch.

With a powerful 3D graphic engine and fast processor you can be sure of smooth game play, Wi-Fi enabled, front and back camera and integrated microphone.  HD video player(ideal for those car journeys) – can also be connected to TV to watch games and videos on the big screen (cable sold separately). music player and e-reader. 

The Kurio 7s comes pre-loaded with over 60 Educational Games & Apps includein: Angry Birds, World of Goo, Doodle Jump, Where’s my Water, Cut the Rope, Fruit Ninja and more. and also comes with a protective bumper.

Parents can easily set up, up to 8 profiles and manage separate settings for each one. With time management they can control when and for how long each user can access the tablet and they can define which type of internet and app access each user has.

Nabi 2Nabi 2


Amazon £149.00

Smyths €179.99

Suggested Age – 7years to 10years

The Nabi 2 is a WiFi-enabled kids’ tablet that’s built to withstand play, comes loaded with a number of educational games and apps.. There are four pre-loaded educational app categories under the banner of Fooz Kids University: science, english, math, and social studies. These categories cover more than 2,500 lessons and 30,000 practice questions through 25 games, 50 songs, 30 books, and more.You can also download additional apps. 

Parents can also go into teh Mommy/Daddy Mode that allows the Nabi 2 to function as a full-on android tablet. The memory can be expanded via a micro SD card, which is sold separately. The Nabi 2 also has a built in  2MP front facing camera, a seven inch touch screen and Bluetooth.

The Nabi comes with a red bumper that makes it very sturdy in case of an accidental drop. It has all the ports you’d expect, including mini HDMI, a headphone jack, an AC Adapter and a micro SD card slot.



Argos €181.99

Amazon £116.99

Smyths Toys €99.99

Suggested Age –  6 years and Over

Oregon Scientifics MEEP!  features is a 7-inch touchscreen with built-in camera and Wi-Fi enabled tablet designed just for kids. With durable, colourful and sturdy silicon sleeve the MEEP! Tablet is perfect for little hands.

The MEEP! Tablet is preloaded with over 50 games, apps, ebooks and music, plus there are 1,000’s more age-appropriate apps available to download from the MEEP! marketplace.

The Parental Control gives parents total peace of mind, providing complete parental control.

MEEP! allows parents to successfully gain access to the MEEP from any PC, iPad, smartphone or other device with a browser and internet connection. Without their children knowing, parents can manage the way their children access the internet, approve friend requests on the Kids Communicator and monitor spending on their MEEP! marketplace account.

Final Tips !

  • These things are vulnerable and need protecting.
  • Do have a look at the covers and cases available for the models you are interested in.
  • A silicone cover offers some protection against bumps and scrapes, and makes the tablet more grippable so it is less likely to drop in small hands.
  • When you get the tablet home – charge it, download the apps, play around so you know it works. You don’t want to have your excited child, having to wait while you do this on Christmas morning.

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Have you already bought one of these tablets for your child? Did you see a good deal/price? Would you like to share with us, what you like about it / dislike ?

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