Top Tips for Saving Energy



Top Tips for Saving Energy

eco-lightbulb-smallHave the dishwasher/washing machine/dryer finished by 8am or start after 9 p.m. to avoid peak use
eco-lightbulb-smallTurn off all sockets and avoid leaving things on standby, such as t.v., dvd, pc/laptop
eco-lightbulb-smallTurn off phone chargers when your phone is charged
eco-lightbulb-smallSwitch off lights not in use
eco-lightbulb-smallUse kettle/hairdryer less often.  If boiling the kettle, only boil as much as you need.
eco-lightbulb-smallDon’t stay as long in the shower.  I sometimes set my mobile phone alarm to remind me to finish after 3 minutes.
eco-lightbulb-smallTurn off outside door light when not needed.
eco-lightbulb-smallOnly boil the kettle for as much water as you need
eco-lightbulb-smallIf using the oven, try to bake/cook a few things at once
eco-lightbulb-smallUse hoover less often
eco-lightbulb-smallUse dryer balls in tumble dryer (or hang clothes outside to dry!)
eco-lightbulb-smallHoover under the fridge and around condenser coils as a build up of dust can increase electricity use
eco-lightbulb-smallDefrost freezer every so often
eco-lightbulb-smallAvoid putting hot food straight into the fridge.
eco-lightbulb-smallDe-scale kettle regularly (can use white vinegar to do this)

These tips came from a selection of parents!  Thanks to everyone who contributed.