Top Tips on Family Fitness from Fitness4all on our Live Q&A session


Live  Q&A with Miriam Cunningham From Fitness4all

held on September 21st 2011

facebook live q and a family fitness

Hi Miriam, what do you suggest as activities for childrens that don't like sports?

Live  Q&A with Miriam Cunnigham From Fitness4all

held on September 21st 2011

facebook live q and a family fitness

Hi Miriam, what do you suggest as activities for childrens that don't like sports?

Fitness 4 All have you tried swimming also you can include quizzes or other fun games into the exercises to encourage them to participate
Charlie : Drama
Caron : I  run musical theatre classes and it was because in my area there was nothing like this all sports but in the last 2 years others such as yoga and drama have started
Tara : Kayaking!!
Karen : Dancing – ballet, tap, hip-hop and its fun too.
Triona: Scouts, lots of activities and meeting new people. Great for kids
Vida: Self defense, lots of different types so might find something that appeals to them it's also great for self confidence
Louise : swimming
Deborah : Swimming, Walking, Playing football and badminton, my son Loves all these, .. I love d 1st two d most 🙂 although enjoy them all!
Christine : Scouts or Guides!!!
Maeve : Rounders… The best fun ever!!! An oldie but a goodie!!:)
Claudine : WE love play dodgeball!

Hi Miriam – my five year-old announced this evening that he wants to take up karate. He's almost six, but quite slight in build. Is he a bit young for this sport?

Fitness 4 All I wouldnt be concerned, if the instructor is well educated he should be able to create a class to his abilities. 6 is a great age to start.

Reply – hope he sticks with it! Which is another question, I guess. If a kid wants to try a new sport or activity, should you let them try it and see if they like it and and allow them to quit if they don't? Or should you encourage them to stick with it, even if they lose interest after a few weeks? How do you find a balance? (or when do you decide to splash out on the gear needed, if necessary!)

Fitness 4 All I would always encourage the child to experience a new activity. Talk to the coach if you feel his enthusiasm is dwindling and maybe give it 4 weeks. If they still are adamant that they do not like it I would not force the issue. This time limit would also apply to buying equipment. Usually if they have a friend playing in the sport it is much easier to encourage them to stay.

Reply Thanks – he wants to join because friends are involved, so hopefully that will encourage him to stick with it!

Hi Miriam, How many sports activities a week are too much to do for a child?

Fitness 4 All normally when they start of they try a number of different sports. As long as they are not to tired and they are enjoying it let them try it out. As they get older they will pick their favorite sport. Personally i would think three evening a week is enough for a child under 12.

Hi Miriam, how would you encourage a child to go to training etc. when they are not often winning?
The first approach to take is to talk to the coach and explain your concerns regarding your child's enthusiam in the sport. He/she may be able to encourage your child by setting small goals eg. they have to score 2 or 3 points/goals in their next match. That way they have achieved something even if they don't win. The social skill children learn in participatingin team sports is important and should be encouraged.
Laura: Its not about winning its about taking part. Maybe you should ask the coach if they could have a parents training day where parents come and do all the routine training that the kids do and therefore the parents know what to encourage the kids to practice at home and how to have fun doing it.

Vida: If it's a team sport even smaller goals can be set eg how many passes can they get in a row!!! Often times the parents & coaches can work together, at a young age performance & improvements should be the targets not winning & if this can be stressed at all times from a young age then the kids learn to look for their own little improvements & this keeps them happy & interested!!!

Pat: Depends on the age and on the child, I coach Gaa from 3years old to 18, from 3 to 6 its about fun, fun, fun, no-one should be winning or loosing, or setting targets or goals, the only target should be fun, then from 7-12 it should be about improving the skills and developing as a child, then from 12 – 18 its about competition and learning to win and loose and that as good as winning is, loosing is not the end of the world. Its really about talking to the coach and letting him/her know what your child is thinking,,,it is a tough one and really the main point should be the fun, not who wins?

If a child is not into team sports, what do you suggest they do to keep fit and have fun?
Fitness 4 All
You did not mention the age of your child but there are many types of activities other than team sports. Karate, swimming, athletics, horse riding, cycling, dancing such as hip hop. This is very popular with both boys and girls as it is present day music and culture. If they have a friend doing a sport it may encourage them to participate. Even out playing with other children in the area is beneficial to the fitness and social skills of the child

hi miriam I do a lot of exercise classes a week step aerobics, spinning, boxercise and bootcamp I'm doing these classes one a day 6 times a week is it true your body gets use to them and it slows weight loss?
Fitness 4 All
because you are attending so many different classes you will always challenge your body. By keeping the exercise level the same you are always burning the same amount of energy. Your body is getting used to the exercise, but this doesnt slow down your metabolism. If anything it will speed it up
Fitness 4 All just answered the question further down this page. thank you for your interesst

I've 3 sons playing various sports including gaelic & hurling, i've kept all the boots and pass them down as they out grow them – is this ok for their feet?

Fitness 4 All Depending on the age of the child I find that the younger they are they grow out of the boots before a lot of wear has occurred. As they get older the playing gets rougher and a lot more wear has damaged the support. Judge by the wear on the studs. Ideally a new pair of boots for each individual child would be perfect but an alternative would be to go to a sports store or pharmacy and buy a new insole for support and cushioning.

Reply thanks, yes they are growing out of them very quickly hence keeping them for the next – but will check they are not too worn 🙂

Can you recommend any good smartphone apps to help keep track of fitness?
Fitness 4 All
miCoach, map my run, VirtuaGym, a lot of them can be free. has any one else got any app they can recommend?
Etain Wilson I have myfitnesspal – its really handy 😉
Vida Birkhead Nike training is a good one, it unlocks new routines the more minutes you do as an incentive!!

What do you think is the best family activity to do for fitness ?

Fitness 4 All cycling is a great activity for the whole family. There is fun cycles for any l
Linda : yea can't beat running around with a ball its an oldie but a goodie my 2 girls love when we all play chasing trying to get the ball off each other
Fitness 4 All There is a lot of fun cycles organized these days which can be attended by all fitness levels.
Etain :we love going for walks in the woods and taking our dog too
Fitness 4 All as well as that orienteering is another activity. If you contact your local sports and recreation partnership, they should be able to help you with this particular sport. Hiking is getting more and more popular too
Aileen : get running great to get started
Jackie : swimming …. family swim on a sat or a sun…………..
Kath :Swimming is great for us all to play together while having a workout at the same time, LOVE it as do my wee ones 🙂


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