33 Touching Things Kids Say to Their Parents


#16. My son who just turned 5 said, “Mom you are my sweetheart!” – Alessandra A

#17. My little boy age 8 says “Mum you look beautiful to me every day.” Gets me every time – Emily P

#18. The most touching thing my youngest son has said to me was when he had grown up and had small kids of his own. It was Father’s Day and I had taken him & his children (who were 4 & 5 yes old) to dinner. He looked over at me at the table & said Mom I want to apologize for everything I did as a kid that drove you nuts or caused you stress. I am so sorry. I looked at him and said thank you but it was all part of being a kid. He really wasn’t that bad. – Brenda W


#19. When my 5 yrs old girl said “Mummy u are my darling”… – Gul S

touching things kids say

#20. I love you so much mum….I cud climb back into your tummy….my daughter was 4… she is 17 now and still remembers saying that…. blessed xx – Joy V

#21. “You’re so beautiful Mummy.” – Rachel W

#22. My hubs was joking with my 5yo son and said “I don’t love Mam at all” my son laughed and said “I know you’re joking you’re always kissing and hugging her”. ❤  – Gemma C

#23. My daughters are in their first year of secondary school and as a part of an assignment they had to say who is an inspiration for them and why. Apparently I am an inspiration as my daughters said they see how hard I work and how much effort I put into uni to get good marks, and because I’m not a cranky mum.  – Julie H

Touching things kids say

#24. My son would sometimes walk the short distance home and always bring a flower home and give it to me with a “l love you Mum so much”. Lucky there were many frangipani trees on the way home. He is now 16 yrs old and still does it when he occasionally walks home. – Tracy D

#25. My son was 6yrs old, he wanted to ride the big yellow school bus. I was the one who was frightened by him getting on the big bus with all those older children. I offered to drive him to school, he says, “Momma I’ve got to grow up and be a big boy one of these days, I can do it myself, but thanks mom”! I stood there with tears in my eyes as I watched him get on the bus. – Frankie L

Touching things kids say

#26. My granddaughter always says “Gigi you know I love you so much”. She is 3 yrs old and be 4 tomorrow.  – Josephine R

#27. “Mom you burnt your hand cooking for us …. why do you cook tell someone else to cook”…… my 4 year old boy…. – Zille H

#28. “Miss Charmaine…you are the BEST Step-Mom…Ever!” – Charmaine W

#29. “Don’t cry Mummy it’s going to be ok” – Sandra M

touching things kids say

#30. Whilst I was putting her to bed the other night, my just-turned-2-year-old daughter stroked my hair and said ‘Mummy hair pretty’. I just melted <3 – Tamlyn R

#31. Walking through the door after a hard day’s job and my son asks “Mom tell me about your day at work” – Chioma N

#32. I love you. You are my favorite. You make the best cinnamon buns  – Michelle V

#33. “I want to marry u mammy when I’m older” from my boy who at the time he was six now he’s nine – Dawn P

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