Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Product Review


This month we asked a Mykidstime parent, and her two sons to review the new Transformers Prime Beast Hunter range. Find out what Noah, aged 8, and Finn, aged 6 thought of the Transformers Prime Beast Hunter Voyagers figures.

Transformers Beast Hunters Prime Voyager LOGOProduct tested – the lowdown!

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Voyagers scale figures, armour up to take on Predaking and the Predacons. Line-up includes all new Predacon characters as well as new designs for Autobots and Deceptions inspired by the Transformers Prime Beast Hunters series. Figures include new action weapons and battle gear.

RRP: €27.99, available from Smyths and all good toy retailers.

Aged : 5+ yrs

What the Testers thought

The Transformers Beast Hunter Trial was a great success. I have two sons aged 8 and 6 (Noah & Finn) and they really enjoy playing with figures and are already familiar with Transformers. We received two figures to trial Optimus Prime and Predaking (both aged 5+).

Transformers Beast Hunters Prime Voyager Optimus Prime 1Optimus Prime transforms into a ‘super-equipped autobot commander vehicle, with launchers’. The boys found Optimus Prime the easier of the two to transform, probably because it is quite a familiar figure to them.

The 6 year old needed some help to transform it initially whereas the 8 year old was able to transform it backwards and forwards from following the instructions in the box. After a few tries, they were both able to transform it themselves quite quickly.

Transformers Beast Hunters Prime Voyager -Predaking 2 transforms into “an awesome 3 headed dragon with blasters”, in the words of my 6 year old.They needed some assistance to transform Predaking initially with an adult following the instructions but after a few trials they were again able to transform it themselves quite easily.

My 6 year old preferred Predaking whereas the 8 year old couldn’t choose a favourite between them as he is a long time fan of Optimus Prime but was also very impressed with the new Dragon Beast Hunter.

Many a Transformer battle was fought in the playroom during the course of the week with some of their older figures making an appearance again to help out.

What the parent thought!

The figures themselves seem to be more robust and larger in size than some of the older versions of transformers the boys own and therefore are easier to transform once you know what to do and less fiddly.

The figures are well put together with various limbs and wings fitting well and do not fall apart easily when trying to transform them. If they do pop off however eg. when pulled by an eager 2 year old, then an adult may need to assist with putting them back on just because they are well fitted.

Overall the boys rated them 5 out of 5 and I have a feeling they will be appearing on Santa’s list later in the year.

Product Rating: Both boys agreed a rating of 5 out of 5 thumbsupimage thumbsupimage thumbsupimage thumbsupimage thumbsupimage

Have your kids tried Transformers Prime Beast Hunter Voyager range ? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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