[WATCH] The Biggest Lie That Deceives Parents With Parenting Coach Val Mullally

Biggest Lie Parents

As a parent do you sometimes find yourself yelling, nagging, grumbling or resorting to other unhelpful behaviours that you know don’t work?  Imagine if you discovered much of our parenting stress is triggered because we believe a huge lie that we’ve accepted as truth about what our role is in parenting!

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Watch parenting coach Val Mullally who gave a Facebook Live on our page on Friday 27th April where she shared a key insight that frees parents from a deception that has blocked us from much of the joy and harmony we’d all like in our homes.

Here’s Val’s article The One Secret Most Parents Don’t Know About Children’s Self-esteem.

Val also has a FREE fridge poster and video

val mullaly yelling poster

Visit Val’s website at www.koemba.com and follow her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/koemba and on Twitter www.twitter.com/valmullally.

Val’s online parenting course called Behave covers

  • how to handle your child’s challenging behaviour
  • why punishment doesn’t work; why discipline does
  • practical parenting tools to create a calmer, happier home.

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