WATCH: Little Girl Found on Bus in the Middle of the Night Went Out for Slushie


A little girl found on a bus in the middle of the night is back with her family after leaving her home in Philadelphia to get a slushie!

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Annabel Ridgeway, age 4, was captured on camera as she caught a bus in search of the iced drink. Thankfully the worried bus driver (and dad of 3) alerted authorities and she was safe home very soon.

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Many, many years ago, I “popped” to the corner shop at the age of 3 on my tricycle when my dad was supposed to be looking after me. The shop was only 100 yards away but scared the life out of him enough to give me a smack – the only time. I thought I was saving bothering him to go get sweets!

You never know what your child is thinking so be aware and keep those doors locked and your little ones safe.

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